They launch a new tool for brands on YouTube

Fullscreen promises to function as a useful tool to manage channels within YouTube more easily and completely. With the intention of giving brands and content creators a new resource to monitor their activities within YouTube, the launch of theĀ Spain Mobile Number Database platform was announced Fullscreen which, certified by the website itself, promises to function as a useful tool for manage channels within the social network more easily and completely.

In this way, the new resource will allow brands and users in general to manage their activity on YouTube with the option of fully monitoring the traffic of the audience on each channel, the earnings obtained from advertising and the impact of the published material. has on other social networks such as Facebook and Twitter , among other things.

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In addition, Fullscreen allows comparative analysis with the competition and facilitates the location of influential accounts to give greater strength to the dissemination of content. Thus, it is one more effort that hopes to satisfy the needs not only of content creators but also of brands and advertisers that play a fundamental role in said platform.

George Strompolos, CEO of Fullscreen , stated for the Phone Number List specialized site TechCrunch that this platform hopes to function for brands as “their own media company” that will allow them to follow up their actions within the social network directly and easily.

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