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The importance of SEO and social networks for companies

We are living a stage where almost all aspects of our life are on a digital platform. If the battery of our devices runs out, we panic, for example. We are living a stage where almost all aspects of our life are on a digital platform. If the battery of our Sweden Phone Number List devices runs out, we panic, for example.

Every day companies are incorporated and take more seriously the importance that social customers are acquiring. According to the study “Future Digital Latin America 2013” ​​prepared by comScore in Latin America, social networks with one of the main activities carried out by their inhabitants, average 10 hours per month, a figure that exceeds 5.8 hours per month throughout the world.

More related notes: They launch a new tool for brands on YouTube Pebble goes out to compete with smartwatches How to get out in the media without spending a penny A Forecasting analysis establishes that two main keys for companies to be competitive on the internet are: effective search engine management or Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in order to plan future strategies online marketing ; and good maintenance of information and customer service on social networks.

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strategies SEO are essential for us to have a place in the immense sea of ​​data and information on the Internet, and combined with social networks they can help brands. A study Search Metrics indicates that 7 of the 10 factors SEO have a foundation and rationale based on the activity in social networks of the brands.

In an analysis of Top Web Designs Schools , the following results are established About 86 percent of brands consider social media important for their business development. 79 percent have already integrated social media into their traditional marketing strategies. The 5 social networks most used by brands are: Facebook ; Twitter ; LinkedIn ; Blogs; and YouTube .

The reasons why they use them are: increase presence; increase positioning before customers; publicize news and offers; foster loyal customers; generate links with new customers; improve market research rankings; develop links with business partners; reduce the Phone Number List costs of marketing campaigns; improve product sales. Companies that already use social networks still have doubts about their impact, one in four invests in research to know the behavior of customers. The social networks that have a greater projection for the future are: YouTube , Facebook , Blogs, LinkedIn and Twitter .

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