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The phenomenon of the multiscreen ready to sweep the World Cup

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The phenomenon of the multiscreen ready to sweep the World Cup

At the dawn of the World Cup, there is no shortage of preparations to fully enjoy the beautiful sport competition, and to closely monitor every detail of the event.

The data from the Sweden Mobile Database YuMe study show that, this year, the World Cup will be multiscreen. For 46% of those surveyed, it is important to have several options to watch sporting events on various devices, while 59% consider that this fact would give the opportunity to enjoy more games, which would generate more interactions and participation on the part of the viewers. Sweden Mobile Database

More than half of those surveyed (54%) plan to watch games online. Streaming will be a common way to enjoy these matches during the World Cup in Brazil. The YuMe global survey indicates that, for this, 33% of viewers will use their computer, 22% will use their tablet, 13% will enjoy the advantages of connected television, and another 11% will opt for the smartphone.

These smart devices will also be used to relive the most special moments, the best plays of the most relevant matches. No less than 60% of those surveyed showed their interest in seeing those stellar plays on their computer again, 23% on their smartphones and another 25% will use their tablet.

But neither can we forget the Brother Cell Phone List human and social component of this type of event. Thus, 74% of those surveyed showed their decision to watch the games at the bar, at a friend’s house or at work. In any case, in the company of other fans. Rather than missing a match because of having to work, 16% were willing to fake an illness. On the other hand, on the opposite side, 14% will enjoy this activity from the tranquility of their bedroom.

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