The new consumer phobia of losing their mobile phone already has a name: Nomophobia

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The new consumer phobia of losing their mobile phone already has a name: Nomophobia

The love we profess for our smartphone leads us to tremble at the very idea of ​​losing it. According to the Wilson Electronics study, the majority of users in the United States are afraid of losing their smartphone, or of being able to run out of it. And this happens not only due to the Malta Mobile Database impossibility of not being able to call anyone, but also to remain incommunicado through the internet, both in relation to our friends and the rest of the world.

Se estima que existen 1.400 millones de smartphones en el mundo, un dispositivo al que dedicamos una media de 2 horas al día, distribuidas en pequeñas acciones, que nos llevan a consultar hasta 150 veces nuestro teléfono inteligente, como es el caso de los españoles. Malta Mobile Database

comScore highlights Facebook and YouTube as the most used apps on our smart device. Two channels that allow us to be permanently connected with our closest environment, as well as aware of what is happening around us. A privilege that we would be deprived of, if we did not have the possibility of using our smartphone.

For its part, the Wilson Electronics study shows that the consequences of not having our smartphone at hand translate into anxiety, especially in the case of women (70% vs 61%). However, 47% of men have 2 mobile devices, compared to 36% of women.

Also, this dependency already has a name, nomophobia. A disorder that especially affects the younger generations, such as 77% of young people between 18 and 24 years old, as well as 68% of those between 25 and 34 years old.

Overall, 72 of smartphone users admit that they try to keep their smartphone close by most of the day.

Mobile devices have come to show internet addiction; favoring permanent access. These users constantly need to access their social profiles, control what happens in their environment; it is your panacea. According to the infographic Frontrange , 66% of users admit that they could not go a whole day without their smartphone. Smartphone addiction is a reality we live with on a daily basis. 84% of users are aware of this disorder; 71% know a family member or friend who could be affected by it. Even 52% have considered the possibility that they may suffer from it.

We are definitely immersed in a loop that Brother Cell Phone List inevitably leads us to stay connected. The fear of missing something constantly prompts us to check notifications, which we also have in the palm of our hand. However, this addiction is reversible. Despite the fact that a priori we would not imagine our life without a smartphone, it is a matter of proposing it, of trying to do without it, and cover that imperative need with alternative activities that take us away from the maelstrom of following the incessant activity that occurs around us .

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