Tablets are proclaimed the device of choice for children

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Tablets are proclaimed the device of choice for children

Tablets are the mobile device preferred by the little ones in the house. The NPD Group report indicates that 59% of households with children between the ages of 2 and 12 have one of these smart displays. A percentage that has increased from the 50% registered the Malaysia Mobile Database previous year. Likewise, the Consumer Electronics Association study indicates that 40% of adults already have their own tablet.

How do children use tablets?

According to NPD, 48% of children use the tablet, 10% more than in the previous period (38%). Games are one of his favorite activities, as reflected in the report, called “Evolution of Play report”.

The connectivity online by these users is almost complete, especially in the case of older children. 92% of those who have already reached the age of 12 access the internet from home, an activity to which they dedicate 1 hours per week; along with 83% of those over 8, who spend more than 9 hours connected, and 62% of those over 5 who approach 7 hours of weekly connection (6.7). Malaysia Mobile Database

His favorite activities include playing videos and listening to music online. More than half of digital natives between the ages of 12 and 15 have uploaded photos to the web, while 19% have taken videos and shared them online. 3 out of 4 children over 12 years old watch or download YouTube videos, as well as 46% of those of 8 and 17% of those of 5.

It has also been found that the older the child, the greater the predisposition to use electronic devices to play, relegating traditional toys to the background. Whereupon, parents try to reduce the time of use of these terminals, in order to promote traditional games. An attitude that occurs especially when children are between 6 and 9 years old, where 37% of parents limit their exposure to technology.

On the other hand, generation Y, which includes young people between 18 and 34 years old, presents a behavior that shows both children’s and adult patterns. The main use of tablets is as a second screen in front of the television. According to the study, they enjoy watching serious as well as cartoons.

Thus, more than half of these young people (56%) use their tablet while watching television; an activity in which they exceed the average for adults (41%).

This multiscreen activity is based on Brother Cell Phone List seeking inspiration about which program to watch (34%), as well as interacting on social networks, participating in the conversation that is generated around said programming (31%) and expanding information on the content that they are watching on TV (30%). 44% of them affirm that, in the near future, the tablet will become their preferred device to develop their social activity around television.

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