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The influencers bubble

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The influencers bubble

One of the latest boom in the world of marketing is influencers. It is obvious that brands notice them, after all, they have thousands of followers behind them, which thanks to a “snowball” effect can be a good gold mine for the brand , but it is quite of course we are experiencing the El-Salvador Mobile Database bubble of influencers . In this article I will tell you the truth about this world, the fraud behind it and its campaigns, and what you should take into account when choosing an influencer.

It is clear that opinion is important, and the famous word of mouth becomes relevant in the world of influencers. They are our “idols” and we like to imitate them, so it is very normal that, if they do any kind of advertising, we end up buying or at least looking for more information about that product or service.
What is an influencer?

Today they are defined as those people who have managed to stand out on digital channels, especially on social networks . The main channels used are Instagram and YouTube, but each social network has its own ranking. They are characterized by having a certain credibility on a subject, fashion, video games, sports …

Influencers bring freshness to brands , they are active in social networks and they know how to convey the message to their followers, so it is normal that many agencies and companies want to work with them.
How is the influencer pyramid

Like everything in life, influencers can also be grouped. The division is usually carried out in 4 groups, depending on the number of followers they have:

Celebrities : those say they have more than a million followers.
Macro Influencers : They have between half a million and a million followers.
Mid Influencers : between one hundred thousand and one million followers.
Micro Infleuncers : between one thousand and one hundred thousand followers.

Influencer fraud

All that glitters is not gold, and in my article on the truth about influencers I will tell you the dark side of working with them. A scandal recently broke out, and that is that a young woman with almost 3 million followers on Instagram was unable to sell 36 t-shirts in a promotional campaign.

Currently there are more than 20 million influencers and it moves more than 1,000 million euros a year . It seems like a simple business, make publications, get likes and sell, but perhaps this last step is more complex than many thought.

The latest big news is related to an 18-year-old American influencer, who has 2.6 million followers on Instagram. He wanted to launch a clothing brand and for the factory to start producing he had to sell at least 36 T-shirts. His last photo had more than 100,000 likes, but he only managed to sell 18 t-shirts and could not start his business idea. The question is simple, how is it possible that a person with almost 3 million followers does not sell even 20 shirts? We are talking about only 0.00067% of his followers have bought from him, and believe me, he ran social media campaigns to increase sales. In the following image you can see some of the publications of this influencer.

The previous paragraph can be explained with the following information, relative to the Spanish market. In 2018, 35 million euros were invested in Influencers , half of that investment did not have any type of return, but yes, the investment during this year 2019 is expected to be 100 million euros . That’s right, we are experiencing the bubble of influencers.El-Salvador Mobile Database

Nowadays it is very easy to buy both followers and likes, and for less than 10 euros you can acquire 10,000 followers , so fooling brands is simple in this regard. Not surprisingly, Instagram is already acting, and it has been deleting fake accounts, bots, and it is rumored that the likes of the publications will no longer be visible to users.
Do I need an influencer to boost my brand?

It is clear that it is a new way of marketing, and that it can yield good results for your brand, especially if you are going to launch a new product or service. The key to success will be in the type of influencer. You have to be clear about several things before hiring an influencer:

Theme : it is essential that the influencer you hire is related to the theme of your company. It’s no use hiring Michelle Obama if you want to promote razor blades.
Followers : I always recommend working with micro influencers. The reason is simple, they usually have a quality and loyal audience. In addition, the Brother Cell Phone List economic conditions will be better. The most successful campaigns I have seen have been with these types of influencers.
Engagement : it is not just about having likes and comments on the publications, but about the influencer’s activity on the networks. Comment on other posts, respond to comments you receive … it all adds up.
campaigns Previous : it is essential to ask for results of previous campaigns carried out, and if you are going to go through an agency it is mandatory. There is no better way to know if a campaign can work

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