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Customers can get at a glance the information they need. Why brands should use Conversational Commerce Able to create more Lead Generation, brands and products are more accessible. Respond to customer needs with 24-hour service. A survey by kayako found that 79% of businesses saw good results in sales and increased customer loyalty through chat or live chat. Online people tend to buy more products and services if brands have a chat channel available. Sample stats from kayako website Live Chat can create a complete service. Whether it’s an inquiry payment Inquiring about delivery status or requesting a return It can be done in a single chat channel. No need to change platforms to waste time.

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Example of Conversational Commerce from Gymshark Image from Gymshark is a clothing brand that uses Facebook Messenger to help customers track their shipment status. or returning the product when there is a defect By creating chatbots that come with the features that customers want. 3 Visual Social Storefront: Focus on improving your online storefront by using quality images and videos. Many brands focus Northeast Phone Number on images and videos to create an image. including attractiveness One of the things that Social Commerce or online trading must focus on. And keep an eye on various trends, which is to develop images and videos to have quality, interesting, able to be persuasive in a short time. Which features are best for presenting products and services on social media platforms in 2022? Instagram.

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Shopping Tags Picture from Buffer Business Instagram states that 60% of users on Instagram discover new products and services through the Instagram platform. Instagram users also sometimes like to scroll through their feeds through the Discovery feature List Provider page there are many interesting photo and video contents. But if brands can create content that meets their needs and presenting images that meet the needs of target groups It will allow brands to create more Lead Generation. In addition, brands can also put labels and prices to make shopping easier.

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