The Drive Of Online Business Important

The mechanism of trading is that the seller recommends products and services in real-time, including trying that product for the audience to see in the best possible way, of course. target audience Or viewers who come to watch that live can talkĀ  away. Or comment under the video to make a reservation, which Live Shopping is not only popular in Thailand. But online trading of this figure is extremely popular across Asia. especially in China In China, online shoppers prefer to go live through Taobao, from washingtonpost In 2021, e-commerce in China is very popular. Chinese influencers like Li Jiaqi and Viya have raised over three billion US dollars on Taobao livestreams in a single day. For other markets around the world, including the United States.

Through video channels straight

Which channels are suitable for live? In Thailand, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok are the most popular channels and suitable for live due to the large number of users. And in that application, there are also features that customers can buy products Shandong Phone Number without having to go out and pay on the website. In which users can see the purchase button under the live video. and easily clickable In addition, Twitter and Pinterest also have features that are suitable for live as well. In 2021, Twitter released a great feature like Live Shopping for online shoppers to try, and Pinterest has a Pinterest TV feature. also tried it out photo from.

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Channels or social media messaging

The image above is an example of a live broadcast from the Pinterest TV channel where viewers can click to buy products through the application. while live 2 Conversational Commerce: Instant Chat with Customers ready to close the sale smoothly List Provider Conversational commerce is the act of selling products and services through chatĀ  platforms. For example, a simple example that most readers are familiar with is Facebook Messenger, a chatbot that is ready to answer all your questions on various pages without having to wait for admins to serve you.

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