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Therefore keeping an eye on customer changes is something that should not be overlooke as well. summarize Customer Centric culture is something many organizations have been using for a long time. to create an impressive experience for customers so that from one-time customers Become a Loyalty customer, stay together for a long time. which in an era where businesses can easily and diversely collect data like today Helping organizations understand consumer behavior including customer satisfaction more easily It is important that organizations know how to manage data. both data storage Organizing, analyzing.

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Implementing to help maintain service standards and continue to develop the business to grow continuously If you are one of those who are intereste and want to plan your marketing strategy with d Facebook Twitter Line Importance of Data Marketing and Marketing in the Digital Age It is undeniable that Data Marketing is the heart of Ecuador Phone Number marketing in to data helps us understand customers. As well as being able to offer products and services that are more responsive, data also helps us understand the past. analyze the direction and better lay out a strategy for the future Most importantly, in order not to lose the marketing budget more than necessary.

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How data can be use for marketing

Data can also help reuce mistakes in decision-making in this section as well, for example, if analyzing the Data and found that we lost a lot of the budget. But did not get marketing results. We will reuce the budget in that part. Therefore, we should study List Provider planning. Through various case studies like this time, STEPS Academy would like to present 3 examples of businesses that use data as an important part of their strategy, resulting in more effective marketing. Let’s see what all 3 case studies will have that are interesting and should be adapte. 1.Progressive Insurance: An insurance company that uses data to create a better experience for customers.

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