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Progressive Insurance is an American insurance company that offers a wide range of services such as home insurance, auto insurance, commercial vehicle insurance. motorcycle insurance Truck Insurance to marine insurance It can be seen that this company will especially focus on car insurance. Progressive Insurance ‘s goal is to make the process of using the application easier and more comfortable. including creating customer satisfaction This will lead to the development and increase the number of customers who are loyal to our brand.

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Progressive Insurance uses both Google ‘s tools to collect customer usage data and analyze it further. Google Analytics 360 : to track User Sessions (customer application sessions) and Demographics (categories of customers categorize by various criteria). BigQuery to analyze and process data. customer behavior in more detail as well Picture Malaysia Phone Number from meiafastcampus. Google Tag Manager 360 : To track multiple customer actions Both the action that le and did not lead to sales. Then use the insights gaine to develop the brand’s applications. picture from careerguide In addition, the Progressive Insurance team also collects customer information for further analysis, such as What devices do most customers use the application on.

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Which operating system ? To find a way to develop applications that can be use stably regardless of the device or operating system. How does the user behave when the application suddenly stops due to server issues? Progressive Insurance therefore finds a solution by developing prompt messages to help customers use and with peace of mind. especially List Provider when there is a problem Why does the customer log out and not log in again? Progressive Insurance came up with a way to make Flow better for the app by including a Forgot Password button. This method helpe increase the number of people who log back in to use the app by up to 30%. 2.SoftwarePundit: A technology research company that applies Data to retain existing customer bases.

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