Space rocket loses control and explodes

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Space rocket loses control and explodes

Many years and many millions of dollars put into a space rocket that would take several satellites into space to orbit them, the Croatia Phone Numbers List dream lasted less than a minute. Here we will show you the shocking video about the launch and subsequent explosion of the Russian Proton-M rocket. The Russian rocket was carrying three geolocation satellites Glonass . (Which would be the Russian version of the GPS system that the Americans have implemented)

The launch took place at the Baikonur cosmodrome (Kazakhstan), the rocket took off correctly and after a few seconds, it began to drastically change its trajectory. This incident culminated in the explosion of the space rocket in the cosmodrome about 2.5 kilometers from the place, leaving a crater of almost 200 meters and a toxic cloud of enormous proportions caused by the 600 tons of fuel that this rocket contained. According to official information from the Russian authorities, no harm to people has been recorded so far.

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This shocking accident was broadcast live by the Russian space agency and Russian public television, also re-broadcast by different networks throughout the world. This event adds to the great list of ‘space’ accidents that Russian history has, remember that only in 2010 three satellites (also Glonass) fell into the Pacific Ocean in a similar accident. Without a doubt, the Phone Number List space race is still present in certain countries. What does the future hold? We do not know. Now it is your turn to judge, here we leave you the video re-transmitted by a Russian network.

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