Social customer service cannot be ignored

Current trends indicate that customers are more likely to be persuaded using digital tools and one of them is social networks. México, DF- Current trends indicate that customers are more likely to be persuaded using digital tools and one of them Azerbaijan Mobile Phone Numbers is social networks. A study carried out by Carat indicates that during 2013 the advertising investment will register a growth of 3.7 percent, while for 2014 it will reach 5 percent.

5 considerations to optimize your Content Marketing The publicity against the battery of your smartphone Ways to Leverage Customer Service on Social Platforms In this sense, the communication channels with the client, to attend to their comments, complaints, and suggestions, have gone from the traditional ones, or one-stop-shop, to the multi-channel, email, social networks, blogs, videos.

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A study by Conversocial indicates that social media marketing is no longer seen as a communication tool to wipe out offers and promotions and despite this, many companies still cannot understand how fundamental the Social Customer Service program is. With a third of social media users preferring to reach brands this way, only 39 percent of retailers use them. An analysis of Conversocial shows us that online customer feedback cannot be ignored: 59 percent are 18-24-year-olds who use social media for customer service.

51 percent of users are engaged several Phone Number List times a month 63 percent consider that companies should offer customer support in their profiles. 1 in 3 users of social networks prefers attention on these platforms. 9 percent of social users invite others to participate. 78 percent of users consider social media the next step in customer service. Customer service is closer and more effective online, let’s take advantage of this opportunity.

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