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Beth Reekles, the new figure of the Internet

At just 15 years old, he achieved the success that many experienced writers would like, and he did it on the Internet. We complain that young people do not read, but the reality is different. They do not read the required texts, those that Austria Phone Numbers List mark a story that does not belong to them, those that narrate something that does not identify them. However, it is proven that once they are motivated by a topic or impressed by a person, especially on the Internet, they cannot quit. It happened with Justin Bieber, the Chilean Francisca del Solar and now it’s turn Beth Reekles’ .

“The Kissing Cabin” is the name of the novel that, in the delivery of its first chapter, had millions of visits. Thus, Beth Reekles willingly , a young British woman “unintentionally, ” began a brilliant career as a writer that even her parents didn’t imagine could be a reality.

One day he decided to tell stories and for this he chose a romantic novel, which he set in California with a teenage couple as the protagonist. To the 15-year-old girl, it seemed normal that she had 19 million visits, but her parents thought it was a joke, as they confess in an interview with the DailyMail.

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Only in chapter one, the young writer got a million views and then they were increasing. The anxiety that was brewing as the story progressed, made millions of people demand new chapters. The public had been conquered. What is the keyword? The one we continually remember: emotion. Whether in social networks , advertising traditional , literature or marketing , the key seems to be in this feeling that turns our heads and our lives.

And a writers forum was the Phone Number List center of the story, providing the platform for a new writer to be born. Yes, because Random House, did not calm down until he found the creator of the phenomenon and offered him a contract for three editions. His first novel not only achieved success in the United Kingdom, but also spread to the United States. Now Beth Reekles will have the opportunity to show her story in the Cinema. Not a bad start.

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