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it that we have to follow regardless of its theme. type or content. New episodes in English available! Case-based stories of growth in marketing To listen! → ads illustration Before you start your blog Before starting your blog. you have to plan the steps to follow and define certain aspects that will later influence your day-to-day performance. This preliminary process does not have to be complicated. It is simply about stopping for a moment and answering certain questions: What theme do I choose? What goals do I want to achieve? How am I going to do it? What name will I give it? What audience am I going to address? It is possible that by the time you have decided to start a blog.

Some or even all of these issues are already clear to you. but what if we review them for a moment? Choose a topic Of course. the first thing we must do is think about the topic that our blog is going to deal with. If we are going to create a blog for a company. it is clear that the theme is going to be closely related to its activities. but if not. you should choose a topic that you are passionate about. That is the first and the most important thing. It is not necessary to be an expert in the subject you are going to deal with. but I advise you to make it something that you really like. because that is how you will enjoy the work you do and believe me. it will show in the result.

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What goals do you want to meet? When starting a Romania phone number  goals help you define a strategy and plan actions and content that you can tackle. If you have already found the topic that motivates you. it is time to focus on the goals we want to achieve. Some of them can be: make money with your blog Monetizing the efforts you put into creating your content is a highly sought after goal. but first you must get traffic to your page. Generate quality leads If you want to get subscribers to eventually become customers of the products or services you offer. one of your goals should be this. build authority This will be one of your goals if you are a professional and want to write a blog to position yourself as an expert on the subject.

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Educate the market or your audience If your audience does not fully understand what your products or services can be used for because they are new or little known. it is essential that you generate content to educate your audience. produce engagement Connecting your brand and your audience is key to generating traffic. leads. and ultimately sales. Increase sales This is the ultimate goal pursued by a blog that wants to monetize. which. however. also depends on the previous ones. I just want to write about my experiences You don’t have to market anything to write a blog. Your objective can be focused on sharing your knowledge. experiences or opinions on a specific topic. Have you chosen the name of your blog? In relation to the name you choose for your blog.

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You should review the objective you pursue with it. If you want to enhance your personal brand as a professional. bet on your own name. But if you want to create a brand with its own entity. a creative name is more convenient. Or if your priority is to highlight the theme that you are going to develop. then include it in the name . A detail that helps to organically position your blog is that the name you have chosen has a free domain. What is your public? Defining the audience you are going to target with your blog is key to attracting interest. And retaining your readers and influences aspects such as: The style of communication. The content to develop.

Your value proposition. blogging platforms Currently there are many platforms that allow us to create our own blog from scratch. Personally. I usually classify them into 2 types: The free ones. The CMS. The free platforms (although it must be said that some also have their paid version. With more features) are those that offer a blogging service under their own servers. But with limited capabilities and features. There are many. but the three best known are: ​Obviously they have their pros and cons. And among their main features are: Simple and fast use. There is no need to contract hosting or a domain (since the platform in question is used).

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