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Smart data marketing vs Big data marketing Can smart data marketing be aligned with the objectives of a brand? Not that it can. it must. Any action we take to optimize our marketing activity must be aligned with the objectives of the brand. It is what gives meaning to our work. it is what makes marketing add value and help us achieve business objectives. How and why is it important to design a marketing strategy based on data analysis? Marketing without data is not marketing. Without them. it would be a set of opinions and preconceived ideas applied to a series of actions. Marketing and data are an inseparable pair. They do not understand one without the other.

It is curious to see how many of the marketing plans that I see in the companies I advise are a set of recommendations or good intentions and that they are not based on data analysis. nor on the estimation of the results that could be achieved. get from putting them into practice. To correctly define a strategy we must have the data at ALL points: Situation analysis. Definition of audience profiles . Goals. Positioning. Marketing plan And. of course. measurement. In all of them we must use the data to make a correct definition and add value to the next point (each point is a consequence of the previous one). Metrics and KPIs. main differences and common points This is one of the classic questions. The good thing is that it has an easy solution: they are the same.

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Both are metrics. what happens is that the KPIs Qatar phone number measure business objectives and are part of the company’s strategic plan. Key parts of any dashboard and its relevance when making decisions Dashboards should go from the generic to the specific. For this reason. they must start from the KPIs and main context metrics. and explain their behavior. A strategic marketing scorecard is made up (and in this order) of: Main KPIs. Behavior of these KPIs by traffic channel. Micro conversions. Second level of analysis of the most important channels. Its relevance is maximum. Dashboards are the eyes and ears of strategy. They are what allow us to have a clear vision of our marketing activity.

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Allow us to identify strengths and weaknesses. and most importantly. make the necessary decisions to guide the company in achieving business objectives. How can smart data marketing be applied to business decisions? The philosophy behind Smart Data Marketing is data performance optimization. Or put another way. make the most of the data you have at your fingertips. In other words. it implies focusing on the data that will provide us with decision-making capacity and notable improvements. What are the 3Vs of big data and how do they influence our business? Talking about big data implies placing ourselves in the third phase of the maturation model of digital marketing and analytics.

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Therefore. it implies that we have already obtained all the possible improvements (we are beginning to see diminishing returns in our efforts). and it is time to go to external data sources that provide us with context and perhaps that data. that helps us unlock many other things and even creates business opportunities. The three v’s of big data refer to Velocity. Volume and Variety. As I mentioned before. a successful big data project has a transformative impact on our business. But before launching. we must take into account the great effort. in all senses. that this type of project entails. The orientation should always be: decision making. If we lose this focus. the project loses its meaning and we lose time and money.

Final set of tips for doing smart data marketing Always start from less to more and from the global to the specific. At first the biggest improvements are in the data that is closest to you. Do not be obsess by the trends associate with big data and its promises of success. Whatever the data project. your goal is to make decisions and add value to the business. If this is not clear. stop and reconsider if it makes sense to do it. The key is to ask the right questions. not to accumulate data. Search only for the data you need to make decisions. the rest are superfluous.

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