Phones: a graveyard of zombie apps and buried brands

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Phones: a graveyard of zombie apps and buried brands

Mobile applications are the trend in the attempt by brands to conquer an important space in the consumer’s day-to-day life: a hole in their mobile desktop. That place where they spend half of their time online, where applications collect 85% of this time. For this reason, in May, the Paraguay Mobile Database study Divisadero indicated that 76% of companies already had a corporate mobile app as part of their mobile marketing strategy.

However, reaching this goal does not guarantee contact with the consumer. It is true that users love mobile apps. Flurry indicated in March that, on average, apps are used an average of 10 times a day. The use of mobile apps amounts to an average of 2 hours and 19 minutes a day. Paraguay Mobile Database

Pero este tiempo lo dedican especialmente a un número muy reducido de aplicaciones. En el selecto club de apps que frecuentan a diario los usuarios no se ha invitado a las apps corporativas, sino que aquí nos encontramos principalmente a las aplicaciones de mensajería y juegos.

22% of mobile applications are used only once. This is how Localytics collected it in September. Therefore, the fear that our app will be cornered forever on the desktop of the user’s mobile device is really threatening. On average, 72% of users access 10 mobile apps daily, reducing the chances of standing out.

Instead, the battle is not yet lost. The important thing is to bet on utility and usability, creating from the first opportunity the need to know more, continue interacting and return to it, in search of an effective response to that specific need that it promises.

Mobile applications can be an important ally of ecommerce. According to Localytics, they help increase purchase intention by 25% more among the most loyal customers.

For their part, at the beginning of the year the Annyal Holiday Online Shopping Survey, retailers are betting on mobile applications in order to retain their customers and encourage repeat purchases. The survey shows that this year 34% of customers used the store’s brand applications to confirm their purchases online comfortably through their mobile device.

It is definitely another way to get closer to the Brother Cell Phone List customer, connect with him and promote a positive experience with the brand. Therefore, we should not settle for encouraging the download of our app, but for awakening in the target audience the need to use it, demonstrate its effectiveness as a way to connect with the company, and even reward them for using it regularly.

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