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Although digital technology has played a role in business processes. It helps increase consumer awareness of the brand. And the opportunity to access more product information At the same time, the entry of technology increases. The number of touchpoints or points where customers touch the brand’s products or services, making the. Customer journey more complicated as well. However, what is more important than having many touchpoints is to design and control Every touchpoint, from brand awareness to customer acquisition, creates a great customer experience. There are no bugs or jams. which may cause annoyance As a result, the customer stepped off the track. postpone the purchase or decide not to choose our products or services The information obtained from the analysis of Digital Customer Journeys will play a very important role in adjusting the marketing strategy.

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What is Digital Customer Journeys? Digital Customer Journeys are the paths that Internet users walk through. From brand awareness to the purchase of products or services. This includes all interactions between brands and customers that take place List of the Phone Numbers on online platforms, websites or applications. In some cases this may include building customer loyalty with after-sales service, offers or other content to provide a great customer experience with the product. For journey analytics , it can be done in many formats such.

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Customer Journey Mapping, Segmentation and Drill-down, and Reverse Journeys, etc. The characteristics and differences of each model may be considered in order to select the appropriate model. RACE Model Framework image from researchgate The RACE Model Framework is one of the forms of Customer Journey Mapping or customer journey maps.  decision-making lifecycle, with the following four steps, the RACE Model Framework List Provider helps brands tap into customer data and influence. And applied to strategically manage the Customer Touchpoint effectively.  Awareness (Awareness) of a brand and its products and services on other platforms to generate traffic and also includes the use of different channels.

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