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The reason why UGC influences Social Commerce in 2022 is because the consumption of goods and services of people in the digital age focuses on sincerity. credibility and advice from real users rather than listening to propaganda Or look exaggerated, so if the review content of this group goes viral or how much it is talked about on social media The more the brand gets more attention. Examples of UGC on TikTok summarize Social Commerce or selling products online has changed all the time. It depends on the development of technology in various platforms and consumer needs, so marketers and entrepreneurs can cope with these changes. Adding these to your business plan can help brands build new social audiences and sales, and create seamless experiences.

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Make customers shop without interruption. refer Still developing non-stop For marketing strategies that organizations leverage to attract and win the hearts of consumers. Especially the digital marketing strategy for social platforms in various List of Real Phone Number channels. The spread of the COVID-19 virus and the new way of life (New Normal) are among the main factors  purchasing behavior. At the same time, it is a great catalyst for organizations to adapt to more Digital Transformation. Deliver value and meet customer needs as much as possible or adhere to customer centricity (customer centric ity).together more which in using this strategy Learning the details of our customer’s experience in every step of their journey with our products is an essential step.

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The author would like to take everyone to know and understand the Digital Customer Journey, including introducing steps to make the Digital Customer Journey or customer journey through digital channels smooth. To deliver a great product experience to customers. Analyzing the importance of Digital Customer Journey as mentioned above Journey List Provider analysis is to allow us to better “understand” our customers in the following areas: Check for bugs that customers experience during the customer journey. understand perspectives, behaviors, and needs to deliver the right content at the right time Understand customer insights to adjust marketing strategies for maximum efficiency.

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