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Since it was through these platforms that various activities  kept active . such as commerce. remote work. study. among others. in turn generating a new business opportunity. turning content creators into influencers. who can generate large fortunes by the views they generate and the collaborations with brands and companies. Employee reveals the most expensive thing you can buy at a 7 eleven From his personal Tik Tok profile . an Internet user generates a variety of content. in relation to his work. since within the videos it can be seen how the tiktoker is show as an employee of the chain of self-service stores.

Belonging to to the firm 7 eleven. which please his followers. showing which is the most expensive product per unit that can be purchased in the store .  Within the TikTok uploaded by the store employee. he points out. as can be seen that the most expensive product is a bottle of Whiskey. Johnnie Walker Black Label . which does not exceed 900 pesos. as  seen in the short video. that the price per unit barely reaches 885 pesos ; however. it should be note that this is the approximate cost of the most expensive product in the store. since in the video the tiktoker clarifies that he does not know all the prices and that it is that bottle of Whiskey .

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Which he gives as the product more expensive Egypt phone number purchased inside the store. Example of this is what done by a @nuevosadultos . Who since your TikTok account launches this trick to become independent and even save a little on electricity payments. It is estimate that for the past year the average Mexican pays approximately 263 pesos for 280 KWH. This is in accordance with what was indicate by specialize media . Which indicate that for this year the average cost of electricity in Mexican homes. With a considered “average”. it would be 272.5 pesos . Which represents an approximate increase of 10 pesos. Tiktoker tells you how to save on your electricity bill Mexico is one of the countries with the lowest energy consumption.

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Data provided by Statista indicates that in previous years Mexico has registered. An average consumption of 6.48 exajoules . an extremely low figure compared to the first places that registered 145.46 and 87.79 exajoules. Being China and the United States who occupy this position respectively. One of the main tips. to start saving energy. is to prevent it from be spent unnecessarily or responsibly. For this it is necessary to disconnect the “electric vampires”. As they point out within TikTok . In which they explain in a simple way . That everything that has a LED light and is not essential must be kept unplug. Including chargers for computers. cell phones and other electrical devices.

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The TikTok hacks account to improve or start life as an independent adult. Points out that the use of energy-saving light bulbs also results in something important. Since these help reduce energy consumption compared to normal incandescent bulbs . Up to 70 percent as indicated by data provided by specialized media . Which also reveal that the energy consumption of these bulbs is barely 2 percent of heat. While the bulbs known as low consumption. spend an average of 25 percent and LED bulbs up to 70 percent. Another recommendable factor is the use of natural light. This in order to carry out the greatest number of possible activities. Since in this way the constant energy consumption is reduce.

And the day is better use. programming activities and improving the lapses of time. Are aspects that will also help to make better use of the hours. The president pointed out that an increase in the global cost of oil can generate a rise in the price. Internet users share photographs that reflect a considerable increase in the price of gasoline within the national territory. The Mexican government announces that work has begun on the situation. providing incentives to suppliers.

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