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which manages to position the accounts or channels of the creatives. Considered in the same way that the purpose of the dynamics in networks is to generate interaction between the community and the creatives. The digital platforms were able to keep various activities running. such as commerce. Remote work. study. among others. Which in turn generated a new business opportunity. The new normality has cemented the use of social networks within society. Social networks have allowed the growth and creative exploitation of Internet users in an accelerated and viral way. This has been made known through a letter published by Variety . Which was written by a group of workers.

Where they point out that they have been forced to censor “virtually every moment that included excessively gay affection. Despite the fact that there was protests by creative teams and Pixar executives.” What are psychological prices? Psychological prices are those figures that capture the customer’s attention. Triggering an emotional or mental trigger that encourages the purchase. Therefore. the psychological fixing of prices is totally related to the unconscious behavior of the consumer. You don’t need to modify your product or service. Just discover how human psychology perceives numbers. Based on that knowledge. you also get your audience to spend more than they thought in your store or website.

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Which is why psychological pricing activates Guatemala phone number purchase process . Just like the smell of fresh popcorn. Of course. All psychological pricing strategies work. Types of consumers to consider in psychological pricing Setting a price for your product or service always raises the same question: what is the right one? For each type of target or target audience. A specific psychological pricing strategy works well. And specifically. a study from the Hankamer School of Business at Baylor University has pointed out that “marketers could be more successful in setting prices if they focus their efforts on identifying. Even modifying. the thinking styles of their customers.” your target audience.”

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According to this research. These types of thoughts are divided into two: analytical consumers They tend to see the digits of a price as independent numbers and focus on the one on the left . In them it works very well. for example. The strategy of prices ending in 9 that we will see later. Holistic consumers They tend to see numbers as interconnected and see them as an inseparable unit. Here the strategy of 9 does not work so well. Unless there is time pressure on the purchase. A of urgency or distraction. The study also points out that consumers can be influenced by strategies tailored to them.

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And that the types of thinking mentioned above are highly influenced by culture: Westerners tend to be analytical and Easterners holistic. How do psychological prices work? To understand how psychological prices work we have to understand how our brain works. Because believe it or not. 95% of our decisions are made by our subconscious. I’m not saying it. neuromarketing says it . the three brains Our brain has three layers: the neocortex (new). The limbic (middle). and the reptilian (primitive). The neocortex or new brain His thing is data and facts. It is responsible for our reasoning. problem solving. Language. etc. He loves to analyze and organize. The limbic or midbrain It is the one who manages emotions and feelings.

In the limbic neurotransmitters are found. Among them. dopamine. transmitter of happiness. This is the reason why when we see the word “free” or they give us a discount. we are happy. Our midbrain is secreting dopamine. Here you have one of the levers to activate in pricing. In addition. this brain is nourish by our learning. If we have a positive or pleasant experience. Is save and we will tend to repeat it. In the same way that we will avoid repeating what made us feel bad. If you realize. this is a full-fledged paradox. because even if we talk about figures. prices are always subjective.

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