Mobile advertising is displacing stationary advertising

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Mobile advertising is displacing stationary advertising

Advertising, in stationary formats, with the exception of digital video and sponsorships, is expected to decline over the next year. You could see it coming. The Estonia Mobile Number Database growth of advertising was mobile keeping pace with the departure of new devices, but more than one person thought it could not displace “ advertising stationary ”. Today, the figures that are handled in the great capitals of the world say that what “takes”, if you want to be successful, is advertising mobile.

According to the figures presented today by eMarketer, the concern arises as to whether desktop formats such as banners or search aids will continue to serve. The research company estimates that in the United States alone, spending will exceed 41 billion dollars this year, increasing the percentage to 14% in 2012. Of that total, US $ 7.7 billion will be allocated to mobile advertising.

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For this reason, advertising, in all stationary formats, perhaps with the exception of digital video and sponsorships for specific occasions, is expected to decrease during the next year. publimovil1 And this also happens in the region. In Chile, at least, it was the logical projection of what normally happens with the arrival of new technological devices. People always want to be up to date with them and already in 2011, according to a specialized article from the El Mercurio media center , the increase in smartphone users by 30% was already projected as a great instance for the increase in advertising mobile.

Likewise, at the end of last year, the Altaweb site indicated that 86% of national users begin their search for products and services on the web, which clearly Phone Number List indicates where efforts should be directed. Now, if we consider that in Latin America the mobile market for this year will grow by 7.1% and will end the cycle with 742 million subscriptions, according to information from Telecoms & Media , the displacement made by advertising mobile of the “stationary” it is a reality with no turning back.

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