Sony introduces the PlayStation 4

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Sony introduces the PlayStation 4

The Japanese company has revealed the new design of the long-awaited video game console. The great competition that it is generating with the Xbox One , has led Estonia Phone Numbers List it to have features that we thought would never include and that greatly benefits users. Do you want to know how much it costs? Here we tell you. One of the most anticipated presentations at E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo), the most important technology video game ‘fair’ of today, was held at the close of the first day, where Sony presented its new console with great fanfare: PlayStation 4 .

What’s new? The console, as well as the controls, will have a quite ‘retro’ design, quite classic. Among the functional characteristics we can highlight that it has Radeon graphics, 8GB of RAM and a large 8-core AMD processor. It also has HDMI cable, Bluetooth 3.0 and Ethernet. The controller will have a “Dual Shock 4” system that includes a touchpad and will have higher sensitivity (thanks to the six-axis sensor that has been added to the control).

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The biggest news : This console will support used games, in addition to having a camera and microphone system for mobile games (which seeks to compete with system Kinect Microsoft’s ) This console can also play movies since it has a BlueRay player, in addition to that you will have access to PlayStation Network where you can rent movies, listen to music through various applications, all this from the comfort of home.

The price : The launch value of the PlayStation 4 is $ 399, which has generated great controversy since it is $ 100 less than the Xbox One will be. (It is also important to note that the console will have a control of command and each additional unit will cost $ 59). The Phone Number List pitched battle for the reign of video game consoles, which incidentally move more than 600 million dollars a year, is just beginning. What we do know is that those who benefit the most from this free competition are the users, who are adding more and more to the world of video games every day.

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