Innovation in the industry how can marketing and sales

The covid-19 crisis has shaken all sectors of society. Social distancing and isolation forced companies and industries to think of solutions to circumvent the impacts. In this way. Considered mechanical and resistant to change. This context is a response to the drop in brazilian gdp . In 2020. Of 4.1% and the decline of the industry with -3.5%. Therefore. According to research by the national confederation of industry (cni).  And this action brought results in increasing competitiveness. Profitability and productivity. The third area that was most prioritized for investment in innovation was sales. After the production line and management.

The Need for Digital Transformation in

As the number one priority for the companies interviewed. The increase in sales in 3 years. And 85% of companies that innovated consider this action essential for the health of the business. It is worth noting that digital technologies achieved a space of 27% to the pre-pandemic Czech Republic Phone Number List period. In addition. Marketing was considered one of the priorities for the post-pandemic with 21%. Digital transformation digital transformations are part of this context as well. ones is what modernizes the industry and its procedures. According to In conclusion, research by . There are some differences between the traditional industry model and the digital model. The first sold only the product while the second sells the product as a service. One of the main changes is in the sales model.

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Circumvent the Impacts of the Pandemic Even

Single contact is discouraged as it is one of the main features of the traditional model. The plan to adopt digital transformation and innovation in the industry. According to the same survey. Is produced from the 5-step response. Are they: strategy: what do you expect List Provider to win at. Business model do you choose to play and how will you win. What are the existing cons. Operating model how should resources be configured? Where should they run? Who has ownership and decision rights? Person. Process and technology. What business processes. Technology and management systems do you need to win.

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