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Linking your Google Ads account Advertise for free on Google Shopping The next thing you’ll need to do is link your Google Ads account to your Merchant Center account so you can run your first campaign. You can link these accounts through your Merchant Center dashboard by clicking ‘Google Ads’ from settings. You’ll need to make sure that both platforms have the same email address with admin access and that your Google Ads ID is ready to link accounts.

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Configure your product feed Advertise for free on Google Shopping To set up your product feed you can compile it manually using Excel. If you’re using other platforms, or other apps, plugins, or extensions, you can automatically link South Korea Phone Number List product feeds on each. 5.- Pro-Tip Perform an audit to ensure that your store’s back-end product information is well structure. This means that each product contains your keyword descriptions , structure titles and good images before you import them from your feeds. You are now ready to run your first Google Shopping campaign.

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Is it profitable to advertise for free on Google shopping? Advertise for free on Google ShoppingTaking into account that it is free since April, how can it not be? Also, by now you should have understood the importance of Google Shopping. You List Provider can list and promote your products on the most popular search service. That is, Google. Plus you can cross-promote relevant search queries on Google’s top pages. What more could you ask for? To promote your products, you need to create Google Shopping campaigns (also known as Product Listing Ads, PLAs, or Google Shopping Ads). The shopping tab is only 10% of the total click volume While the functionality of the Shopping Tab is superior to SERP results, the vast majority of product clicks occur on the search page.

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