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You can set this up by clicking on the name of your Google Shopping ad group. By doing this, you can then divide your products into different groups base on category, brand, product type, and custom labels. A- Category product groups Here you can divide your products by different categories. The problem here is that within a category there can be a wide range of very different products. B.- Groups of brande products Another way to subdivide and group your products is by brand. If you are selling a variety of products made by different brands , this category will allow you to later evaluate the metrics by brand. C.- Groups of products by type.

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This subgroup of the Google Shopping ad group allows you to group the products according to their type. This is the best way to group and segment your products as it is base on your site’s taxonomy and will be much easier to optimize. D.- Groups Switzerland Phone Number List of products with personalize labels You can sub-divide your products base on your tags like ‘Most Popular’, ‘Workout Clothes’, ‘Telecommuting’, ‘Back to School’, ‘Mother’s Day Gifts’ or any other group you think would be worthwhile . In Google Shopping you get up to five custom tiers to choose from.

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It’s a great way to group seasonal items together so you can make quick sale adjustments. It is essential that you manage to optimally categorize List Provider each product. This will help make it easier for users to find you on Google Shopping . Define the categories and plan the constant refreshing of your feed. The trick to make advertising for free on Google Shopping a success. As with Google Ads, it’s A/B testing to find the best combination of information, image, headline, offer and then monitor and adjust. If you need a hand so that your return on investment increases significantly, at Antevenio we can help you generate segmente social ad campaigns.

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