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How to improve your sales with Pinterest

Time has shown that Pinterest stands out as an excellent tool to generate purchase intention. Why not try? We all agree on the power of images. However, not everyone has believed in the strength of Pinterest in digital marketing . While acknowledging that it is one of the Buy Chinese Mobile Number Database social networks fastest growing in the last year, the effectiveness of its pins has been questioned, especially when it is ensured that it is still a network of “women”.

More related notes: The social networks that most influence digital commerce Pinterest continues to rise in users What is the best time to post on social media? And although the previous sentence should be a wake-up call to use this tool – let us remember that, in the world, about 80% of the purchase decision is made by us – the idea of ​​mixing products with dogs, cats and adorable beings, it seems not to seduce many.

Fans of the network, on the other hand, assure that Pinterest has generated an increase in sales in the companies that use it, because they strongly increase traffic to institutional websites and if they have a good design, which includes tempting buttons, the purchase may be imminent. In fact, you will find some good reasons to use Pinterest for your campaign, in another note Merca20 .

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The specialized Business 2 Community site advises you to learn how to use the tool and for this it gives some interesting tips that we share with you. Insert the URL of your company in the description box. Doing so will make Pinterest bold and draw attention to your site. Use hashtags in the description area. They can also be identified on this network, just like on Twitter.

In the same box, you must include the price of the product in dollars. Thus, the network will identify it by means of the $ symbol and mark the pin with the value in a box that will appear in the upper corner of the image. Use larger images, when you can. The definition is not a problem for the network and is more attractive to users. Mari Smith , an expert in Social Media , also comments on some interesting facts to consider when using the tool in your campaign.

Pins with price included have 36% more ‘likes’ than those without them The Phone Number List percentage of visits on Pinterest, at least in the United States, is one hour 17 minutes (I assure you that in Latin America it must be similar.Have you seen anything more addictive than this network?) 69% of Pinterest users have found at least one Item that they have bought or want to buy. Surely on the network you will find many other data that support the network of the boards, but it will probably depend on your creativity how you use it to your advantage. You already decided? So good luck!

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