I don’t want your bank account, I keep your life

A new extreme campaign is carried out by a well-known Belgian agency, to alert users to phishing After having won 10 Lions in Cannes, for different clients, the China Phone Number List agency advertising Belgian Duval Guillaume , continues to impact the medium with extreme campaigns. This time he takes up the topic of prevention, to warn users about what can do phishing in anyone’s life.

More related notes: The companies that suffer the most from network insecurity How to lose your Twitter account in a few steps The dangers of (anti) social networks Some time ago, the same agency made a video that went viral in record time, where it warned users how easy it was to extract information from their social networks , especially Facebook. It was an almost funny wake-up call. On this occasion, the video achieves a chill.

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The narrator gradually introduces us to the subject, from the point of view of the offender and does so with an abysmal naturalness, letting us see that for this type of people there are no barriers to stop their objectives. It all begins with the contact on Facebook, then the story in which the offender tells us in the first person all the details of how he sees his victim.

Then comes the practical stage: sending a email phishing , supposedly from your bank. The character then comments on how easy it would be to get all his money, but his intentions go further. Pictures are worth more than words. I leave here the Phone Number List introduction of the video and I invite you to watch it. Besides being viral, it is an important contribution to prevention, raising awareness about how we interact on the Internet, on social networks ; the data we deliver and how dramatic it would be if that information – which never leaves the networks – was used by criminals.

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