How to expand customer acquisition channels

Acquisition channels. Whether online or offline. Are key instruments for attracting new customers. Knowing how to expand them is essential to ensure the spread of greater knowledge about your business to the market. The adoption of different channels makes it easier to get closer to your target audience. This is also due to the level of market competitiveness. In other words. The variety of channels guarantees several possibilities for your potential customers to access your company. However. It is useless to bet on several of these channels and not know how to use them. First. Because you need to know your audience and understand which of them are usually present. For example. For b2b businesses. Linkedin can be an excellent customer acquisition tool. Unlike b2c.

Digital strategies as a tool for

However it should be noted that digital strategies for customer acquisition channels have been explored over time due to digital transformations. And with the effects caused by the pandemic. These actions have become indispensable. In view of the virtualization of activities. A survey conducted by mckinsey shows that 75% of b2b sellers and buyers believe the Algeria Phone Number List new digital model is more efficient. In addition to preferring remote and virtualized interaction. And yet. 83% of b2b decision makers say that this new digital model has a great effect on prospecting new customers. So. If before b2b marketing was already essential for the success of your business. Today it is indispensable. In summary. The importance of knowing how to work these channels well is linked to the reduction of customer acquisition cost (cac).

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Inbound Marketing and Inside Sales

Investing in channels that do not generate results causes an increase in this index. This also tends to affect the return on investment. Main online customer acquisition channels acquisition channels to reinforce the importance of digital strategies in customer acquisition channels. We cite some more findings from mckinsey’s research. The first is the information that half of the companies interviewed bet on the reduction of face-to-face sales teams. These business and interaction changes reduce the cost per visit and customer acquisition. While also expanding reach and improving sales. Without these expenses. There is a greater possibility of carrying out digital actions to delight. More and more. New customers. Therefore. 3 out of 4 companies trust the need to develop more skills and technological resources to adapt to this new format.

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