How Digital Immigrants and Analogue Mature Feel Technological Change

We find a new style of the consumer with another pattern of thought and action, such as the digital native. A profile that concerns us especially in advertising within the field of strategic planning and study of the target, but that should not make us neglect the South-Africa Mobile Database reflection and look towards the opposite case: the mature analogs, who do not incorporate technology in their lives in a way determined and elderly, and the one who lives between the two extremes, who also has different notes and nuances depending on how digital immigrant consumers are, who progressively adapt their lifestyles to the use of new technologies.

We are living through the most interesting and exciting time in the history of advertising and marketing: the time of change and technological adoption – constant and in progress – by the consumer, and the arrival of technology to connect with that consumer. changing. An unprecedented revolution in which humans position ourselves based, as the main but not the only factor, of our context of birth and growth.

The way we walk towards maturity as citizens and consumers, more or less digital or more or less analog, leaves us personality marks on which we build relationships, and with them those we have with the brands and companies in which we invest. our money. And therefore, it is an especially important factor from the side of the company.

From marketing, we traditionally find that depending on the target and their age we decide the most appropriate means and channels to reach them. It is the simple answer to a new question. And it is a classic error because it does not take into account an increasingly influential factor: the perception and integration of technology is the essence in which we have to pivot, since it marks its position before the different media and channels. It is not the medium. It is the interpretation he makes of the medium. It is how the environment lives according to its court.

When we analyze our target and we want to address it, if it is part of the so-called digital immigrants or is more directed towards digital matures, we must take into account some insights and perceptions that it will have in its mind and that will therefore mark its impulse to purchase, which to a greater or lesser extent move towards these extremes: South-Africa Mobile Database

Their perception related to technology is that their speed is high . It goes very fast. The adoption to change is progressive and the older you perceive it with the poorer possibilities of understanding.
Towards an advanced age, the majority feelings are of rejection of the communication systems in the new technologies except that they suppose an improvement in their closest relationships .
Their prejudices are reflected in the popular imagination . To a greater or lesser extent, always, but ultimately it implies a configuration more based on non-virtual communications and their rejection of situations that imply change.
You long for the analog past . The memory of the elements, situations and feelings about living in that past world? Where there was no internet? Is melancholy. A sentiment that, by the way, is a great catalyst for the impulse to buy.
His experience on the Internet is different . It can represent to a greater or lesser extent an inconceivable universe of situations. Discoveries are experienced with special emotion.
Google Adwords ads may seem organic to you due to your lack of knowledge about the field. An important factor to consider within SEO and SEM.
The experiences on social media are different . The Brother Cell Phone List also use some networks, increasingly globally, but in a different way. Feelings of rejection of the absence of privacy arise, but also of greater daring towards uses that can be considered incorrect from the end of digital natives, and that can lead precisely to a wound in their privacy. For example, posting messages on someone else’s wall on Facebook thinking that only the two of them can see it and not all of their friends.
Traditional channels represent more credibility towards older ages . They are the ones who have always been, are part of what they know and know how the logic of the market applies to them. There is an obvious fear of change.

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