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Consumption of online video on mobile devices has doubled since 2013

The demand for content by mobile users has also spread to audiovisual content. The study on online trends published by Mary Meeker. The South-Korea Mobile Database development of smartphones and tablets is growing at a rate between 4 and 5 times higher than that of television and computers. The smartphone market grew by 20% last year. Despite this, it still has a long way to go, given that, at present, only a third of mobile phones are smartphones. In the case of tablets, there are an estimated 439 million tablet users globally, representing 6% of the population. South-Korea Mobile Database

According to the report, mobile traffic accounted for a quarter of the total last month, which is 10% more than during the same period last year (15%). On average, mobile content consumption has increased by 81% in the last 12 months. An increase in which the demand for audiovisual content has had a significant influence.

The consumption of online video on mobile devices has doubled since 2013, to the current 22%; according to the data provided by Ooyala. The majority audience for this type of content through mobile phones are millennials, who prefer to use their mobile devices rather than turn on television. The study indicates that these young people consume up to 3 times more online video than other users (35% vs 12%).

However, this does not imply that television is falling into disuse. Nothing is further from reality. The report indicates that 84% of mobile users combine online activity with television consumption. A trend that has doubled from the previous year. What’s more, we could even say that, the more devices used, the higher the television consumption.

Sales figures through mobile devices continue to rise. Forrester indicated in April that some retailers affirm that already 20% of their sales come from these devices. The report indicates that mobile users are accessing the internet more than ever, from a wide variety of locations, be it their home, work or stores.

Although the estimates for this year are optimistic, the Brother Cell Phone List number of mobile consumers still represents a minority, compared to the global number of mobile users. This year just over a third of smartphone users (38%) together with 31% of tablet users will use their smart terminal to buy.

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