GROWS A step by step Growth Hacking method

Once these 5 steps have been completed. Analyze the data from your experiments and decide on the steps to follow for the next iteration. Growth hacking process grows: a method for growth hacking based on processes grows method: pre or post product market fit? If your company has not yet found a product / market-fit : you should use this cycle of experience to get to know your customers better. Your market. And improve your product. If your company has found product / market-fit : you can start looking for better channels to really grow. Not before ! 5 steps of the grows method in detail as we have seen. The grows method consists of 5 steps: g – brainstorm ideas for growth. R – rank these ideas in order of priority.

What is the GROWS method

There are many alternatives to the grows method. Such as brian balfour ‘s ” growth machine ” or neil patel’s ” growth steps ” – but in practice – they all boil down to the same thing and are just nuances. Let’s take a look at the steps of the growth hacking grows method. G ather ideas Malaysia Phone Number List hopefully. You’ve discovered what’s the biggest problem that’s holding back your growth. If this is not the case yet. I invite you to read this article on the pirate funnel to help you understand your bottlenecks. Once this obstacle has been identified. We will start by drawing up a list of experiments to find possible solutions. There is no good or bad idea for experimentation at this stage. Do not hesitate to brainstorm several times to add a large number of tests.

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5 steps of the GROWS method in detail

This list of ideas will be called your “backlog.” for example. You can offer new experiences like this: look for complaints and remarks received by your customer service do user tests with your customers or prospects find out how competitors are positioning themselves on their website read case studies from competitors or companies from other industries brainstorm with different groups of employees ask the people who did not complete your sales process or the customers who are loyal to you record user behavior on your website or apps with software like hotjar etc.

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