Google’s Ray Kurzweil called the country a model for the region

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Google’s Ray Kurzweil called the country a model for the region

Within the framework of the technological seminar offered by Entel Summit in the country, today, Ray Kurzweil, inventor, musician, writer, businessman, scientist and director of the engineering area of Google , qualified the nation as a model for the Saudi Arabia Phone Number List rest of the region. The executive, who was part of the technology seminar, pointed out that Chile’s development is in an optimal state, in relation to other nations in the region and also in the world.

According to a note published in Cooperativa , Kurzweil would have highlighted the fact that national policies would be promoting innovation, something that does not happen in other countries in the region, since we have eliminated regulatory barriers and cultural barriers, which is why much easier to start new businesses.

As a result of the same, growth is observed in economic terms that constitutes a solid base for the creation of businesses, according to the executive. Kurzweil believes that having overcome the world recession in a masterful way, with a rapid recovery, would outline the country as a great role model for the rest of the Latin American region.

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He also pointed out that there is an interesting development in the technological aspect, as well as in telecommunications. Along with this, the personero is impressed by the research carried out in the field of biotechnology, a subject that is difficult to develop in other nations.

Meanwhile, the site América Economía , points out that Kurzweil stressed that, when undertaking, it is essential to look at the future, rather than the Phone Number List present and what is required now. The awareness of a supposed impossibility today, projected for four years, can give us the ideal time to develop projects that, with persistence, can lead us to become winners. Good advice, which is extended to everyone.

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