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Facebook advertising improvements

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Facebook advertising improvements

Efforts to improve the advertising formats on the website Facebook will become effective in the coming months, according to statements from the Buy Ivory-Coast Consumer People Phone List Directors of the most famous social network in the world.

Likewise, and in search of reactivating their income, they will continue showing advertisements in the news rail, to the right of the screen; but they will reduce the options for merchants to buy space. More related notes: Facebook and Google defend themselves against espionage accusations Why do users follow a brand on Facebook? No one can neglect their personal branding

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In this sense, Fidji Simo, from Advertising Products Management, assured that “although each product advertisement is really good on its own, the whole is less than the sum of the parts.”

The Executive affirms that Phone Number List advertising represents 85 percent of income and with this strategy, they seek to reactivate this niche that has been affected in recent months. Another is to tailor ads for small screens, based on more frequent use of mobile devices by consumers.

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