Everything you need to know about programmatic advertising

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Everything you need to know about programmatic advertising

Digital advertising is experiencing a significant boom in recent years. Entrepreneurs have found that running digital campaigns is much cheaper and more profitable than traditional advertising. Year after year we see how investment in digital advertising increases and there Guatemala Mobile Database is something more than Google Ads and Facebook Ads. In this article I am going to talk about programmatic advertising, a fully automated impression purchase system that is interesting to know to have more alternatives .
What is programmatic advertising?

Programmatic buying refers to the automated acquisition of advertising space on the network. Using big data, audience segmentation is carried out, thus directing advertising to the right audience.
How does it work?

It uses a system based on algorithms that establish common parameters between the different spaces for sale on the internet and the data that advertisers have regarding their target audience.

In this way, users receive advertising based on their interests and tastes, all in real time. That is, you have just looked at clothes in Mango and you see ads for just the clothes you have looked at, do you believe in coincidences? What causes the needs or desires of the users to be closer to the purchase , thus resulting in an increase in quality traffic.
How is such a high success rate possible?

There are several platforms and tools that make the programmatic buying ecosystem work so well:

DSP platforms (Demand Side Platform): platforms used by advertisers where they specify the parameters that will define their purchases. This type of platform is where bids are made in real time, being essential since it is automating a procedure that was previously done manually. The most popular DSP platforms are MediaMath, DoubleClick , DataXu, and Cadreon.
Platforms SSP (Sell Side Platform) : this is where we will find the offers available from the different media . Thanks to the ease of managing the different inventories of the publishers, it is possible to maximize the income received from the brands.
AD Exchange platform : it is the link between DSP platforms and SSP platforms , that is, it is responsible for putting sellers in contact with buyers. There are two forms of Ad Exchanges:
Open bid : any buyer can bid on the ads.
Private bid : in this case sellers only want a number of buyers. For example, it is very common in the newspapers to see many advertisements for cars, it is not by chance.
Platforms DMP (Data Management Platform): it is responsible for the centralized management of data . Its purpose is to help advertisers define their target audience based on all the data from the different platforms. Usually works with:Guatemala Mobile Database
1st party data: datos propios del anunciante. Los suelen recoger a través de su sitio web, de su plataforma de CRM, redes sociales…
3rd party given: data from sources outside the advertisers. It is mainly socio-demographic data, such as age, gender or location.
Trading Desk Platforms: these are the platforms used by the different agencies and companies to automatically manage the purchase of advertising.

programmatic purchasing ecosystem

* Fuente: IAB Spain
The periodic table of the elements of programmatic buying

Due to the complexity of knowing all the factors and elements involved in this process, several of the most important platforms decided to create a periodic table, which groups the elements into five blocks.

Inventory types
Targeting data
demographic date
Intent data
Data of interest
Clicks / Engagement
Contacts / Sales

Know its advantages

You know very well how supportive I am of campaigns Brother Cell Phone List in digital media compared to traditional ones. In this case I will indicate the main advantages of programmatic advertising, from my point of view.

Segmentation: thanks to algorithms that take into account both the profile and the behavior of users, we can more easily reach our target target.
Simple: although there are a large number of actors in this process, they are all gathered under a single channel. In addition, human intervention is minimal, saving time, work and money.
Media reach: more and more media are dumping all their advertising space on the platforms, considerably increasing the offer. In addition, if we wanted to make the purchase manually, one by one, it would take us forever.

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