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What is black hat seo?

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What is black hat seo?

On many occasions you will have heard, in the event that you are interested in the organic positioning of web pages, that there is a lot of talk about black hat seo, a tactic prohibited by Google. Do we know all that it entails, or what practices are those? Because as you will Greece Mobile Database see throughout the post there are some techniques that I am sure you use to position a website, and that according to Google we should not do.
What really is black hat seo?

Black SEO is considered to be the attempt to improve the organic positioning of a website with the implementation of unethical techniques or that contradict Google’s guidelines . That is, cheating.

As a curiosity to indicate that the name of black SEO comes from the cowboy movies, where the bad guy was always characterized by wearing a black hat, while the good ones wore it white, hence all the positive and legal techniques have the name of White Hat SEO.
What tactics are considered like this?

Next I am going to show you some of the most used or most famous black hat SEO tactics. Some of them have already been deprecated, due to improved search engine tracking technology:

Cloaking: this technique consists of displaying a different content depending on whether you are a real user or a robot , a spider that is dedicated to checking the content of web pages. This technique was very useful before, when there was no limit of keywords, then a website was filled with the keyword to be positioned, and then the website for users, with normal content. Search engines have pursued this technique and as I mentioned, nowadays nobody does it.
Spinning: consists of the creation of articles reusing different original texts . That is, let’s imagine that I do an article where my keyword is ” digital marketing agency in Madrid ” and then with the same text I change agency by company and audience that article. The famous Google Penguin algorithm aims to penalize this type of action, which is widely used today.
Keyword Stuffing: when is made content for search engines and not for users . That is, when there is an excessive use of the keyword, an over-optimization. 10 years ago this technique was widely used, but today no one exceeds 2.5% use, as search engines have focused on the user experience.
Hidden text: Similar to the first point I told you about, cloaking, it consisted, and nobody uses it, to put a text invisible to the eyes of the users, but the robots could see it . In this way you could add the keyword of interest many times but you would not annoy the user with it.Greece Mobile Database
Backdoors: This technique is quite elaborate and complex to perform. It consists of sneaking into a web page and secretly placing a link to your website , in order to transmit your domain authority.
Spam: it has always been said that the best way to get links is by commenting on other blogs or newspapers , and it is true, but with control. Google penalizes SPAM, always putting the same message and a link to your website, for obvious reasons.
Buying links: the great point of the balck hat seo, the acquisition of paid links. It is curious that these tasks are penalized when there are dozens of link buying pages in newspapers, blogs or on any website for that matter. It is totally against Google’s guidelines and it is that from their point of view, links should reward quality content.

SEO positioningWhat are the consequences of balck hat seo?

The strategy of this type of tactics have two possible consequences:

Manual actions : the first thing Google usually does if it detects suspicious actions is to give you a warning , which you can find in the manual actions section of Google Search Console. In that case, it’s time to stop and try to correct some of the mistakes you’ve made.
Loss of positions: if you have taken too much advantage of these techniques, Google will make you lose positions. In extreme cases, they could make your results disappear from the SERPs, and you will have lost all your work, or your client …

Where is the limit?

Let it be clear that I neither support nor recommend the use of these techniques to improve the positioning of a website, but it is clear that if you want good Brother Cell Phone List results you have to do something different from the rest of the users. In my case, the most “illegal” thing I have done has been the purchase of links in some media, and the truth is that the results were positive. That is, as long as you do things with measure, control , get a couple of links a month, either by buying or writing in different media, you will not have any problem and you will improve your positioning.

I trust that this article on black hat SEO has helped you. It helps so that you know that in the long run it is not worth doing a job, in some cases complex or expensive, since search engines are increasingly attentive to this type of activity, and do not hesitate to sanction if they see reasons for it.

If you have any questions about the use of black SEO, or know of

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