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Resentful or holding a grudge regularly Deliberately annoying others or being annoyed with them Often blaming other people for their own mistakes or misbehavior The Theory of Multiple Intelligences was devised by the American psychologist Howard Gardner as a counterweight to the paradigm of a single intelligence. Gardner proposed that human life requires the development of various types of intelligence. Thus. Gardner does not contradict the scientific definition of intelligence. as the “ability to solve problems or produce valuable goods.” MULTIPLE INTELLIGENCES Howard Gardner and his collaborators at the prestigious Harvard University warned that academic intelligence (obtaining degrees and educational merits; academic record) is not a decisive factor in knowing a person’s intelligence.

A good example of this idea is observed in people who. despite obtaining excellent academic grades. have significant problems relating to other people or managing other facets of their lives. Howard Gardner’s research has managed to identify and define up to eight different types of intelligence . We are going to learn more about each of the intelligences proposed by Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences below. LINGUISTIC INTELLIGENCE The ability to master language and be able to communicate with others cuts across all cultures. From a young age we learn to use the mother tongue to be able to communicate effectively.

With Whom We Interact

For decades. logical-mathematical intelligence Oman Phone Number consider raw intelligence. It was the main axis of the concept of intelligence. and was used as a scale to detect how intelligent a person was. As its name suggests. this type of intelligence is link to the ability to reason logically and solve mathematical problems . The speed to solve this type of problem is the indicator that determines how much logical-mathematical intelligence one has.  Also known as visual-spatial intelligence. it is the ability that allows us to observe the world and objects from different perspectives.

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Chess players and visual arts professionals (painters. designers. sculptors…) stand out in this intelligence. as well as taxi drivers. who must have an exquisite mental map of the cities they pass through. MUSICAL INTELLIGENCE Music is a universal art . All cultures have some kind of music. more or less elaborate. which leads Gardner and his collaborators to understand that there is a latent musical intelligence in all people. In conclusion, Some areas of the brain carry out functions related to the interpretation and composition of music. Like any other type of intelligence. it  train and perfected.

The Neurolinguistic Programming

After that,  The bodily and motor skills required to handle tools or to express certain emotions represent an essential aspect in the development of all cultures throughout history. The ability to use tools is consider bodily-kinesthetic intelligence . On the other hand. there is a follow-up of more intuitive abilities such. As the use of bodily intelligence to express feelings through the body.  Intrapersonal intelligence refers to that intelligence that. Empowers us to understand and control the internal sphere of oneself. In other words, In regard to the regulation of emotions and attentional focus. People who excel in intrapersonal intelligence are able to access their. Feelings and emotions and reflect on these elements .

According to Gardner. this intelligence also allows you. To delve into your introspection and understand the reasons why you are the way you are. On the other hand. both knowing how to distance oneself from the situation in order to. De-dramatize events with a negative emotional impact and knowing how to identify. One’s own thought biases are very useful tools both to maintain. A good level of well-being and to perform better in different aspects of life. From our point of view. Children do not behave badly because they want to. but because they do not know how. Or because they cannot behave in another way.

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