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It is always thought provoking. 4. Strategic Planning Skills Picture from Revive Group In particular, the skill of strategizing and evaluating KPIs in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or the selection of keywords that people are searching for, including SEM (Search Engine Marketing), which is a strategy to buy ads on Google. In addition, we can also apply strategic planning skills to monthly content planning base on previously collecte data. make a good purchase decision We can do content that way again. To encourage target groups to make buying decisions easier. 5. Skills for learning new things (Growth Mindset) Picture from Telenor U As is constantly changing and new trends emerge, we should have a thirst for curiosity.

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To always update new knowlege, whether it is business content. or social meia For example, if we do not know how the social meia marketing algorithm has change. We will accidentally use the same tactics to cost nothing. or as in the case of Khun Aom creation before Costa Rica Phone Number Skills in finding new creative ideas and learning to apply them in content design to look trendy, fun, funny, and interesting will have a considerable positive effect on the business. Khun Aom conclude that even with or without previous experience in digital marketing, if you feel like or want to try and train yourself to become better in this field, I recommend you to start doing it right away. In case, in the future, you may find your dream job. I’m rooting for everyone.

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If you are one of those who are intereste and want to plan a marketing strategy with Data, we recommend the ‘Data Analytics for Marketers’ course to help you plan your strategy sharper. including creating outstanding strengths for the business List Provider Ready to save time, trial and error. Read more course details at : For reservations or more information, plea YouTube is the 2nd most use platform in the world with over 1 billion active users, more than 500 hours of video are uploade every minute.

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