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After that analyze what kind of content people like or dislike so that the algorithms recommend videos that are most relevant to their interests. meanwhile Channels are always evaluate by YouTube’s Machine Learning. in the same content category¬† channel compete with competitors? For example, viewers watch content of any channel for longer Whose video is better at using keywords in the clip title and description section? But because YouTube has a huge library of videos. In order to select a video to present it to the audience, it has to go through a process calle Candidate Generation .

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For example to illustrate a simple picture, if YouTube has billions of videos in the Candidate Generation stage, YouTube may bring hundres of millions of videos to present. The videos that are pulle are mainly base on viewer preferences. However, if any Cyprus Phone Number clip attracts people to click a lot But in the end, people didn’t last long to watch the clips. YouTube assesses how poor the quality of those clips is. Therefore, this type of clip is not recommende as it should be.Generation method alone, there will be too many recommende videos. YouTube’s backyard has also made a Candidate Ranking to rank which videos should be presente. Ranke from highest to lowest score.

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YouTube will evaluate the Ranking Candidate from the Audience Profile of each person. In the beginning, YouTube will start recommending from the type of content that we regularly watch. After that, YouTube will recommend content that is more diverse. to List Provider encourage us to have more options and stay on the YouTube platform for a longer time After a video clip is publishe, YouTube will begin testing the video with Core Audience or the same audience. And if the feeback is good The algorithm will gradually share that clip to people like Core Audience, and Audience’s framework will gradually expand if YouTube assesses our content as quality.

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