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Who is involved, what are their interests, and who should take action? Dilemma weighing balance scale 3. Inventory of the options for action This phase describes as much as possible which actions can be taken to deal with the moral Azerbaijan WhatsApp Number List problem. There are several action strategies that appli. In the first place, this is the black-and-white strategy: in this strategy only whether or not the action is taken is considered.

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You have the strategy of raising the issue at a higher level. With this strategy, the action is rais at a higher level, for example, management. It is also possible to opt for the strategy of cooperation. The possibility of cooperation with other parties involved examines resulting in a win-win situation. Finally, there is a whistleblowing strategy.

Azerbaijan WhatsApp Number List
Azerbaijan WhatsApp Number List

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The problem is public externally. 4. Ethical Judgment In this phase you look at the moral acceptability of the options for action. Your first look from your own perspective, thoughts, and intuition. It is also ad to the step-by-step plan that you then assess the issue from. The formal conceptual frameworks of the ethical theories of consequences ethics, principle ethics, virtue ethics, and care ethics. If you find it interesting, you can certainly take a look at it, but for personal moral dilemmas, I would stick to your own perspective. 5. Reflection on the possible action In this step you reflect on the choice of an action you want to take.

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