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The purpose of the reflection is to arrive at a reasoned choice between the various options for action. Take a critical look at the arguments for or against the action and ask yourself whether they provide sufficient moral arguments. Pros and Bahamas WhatsApp Number List cons list-making notebook and pen 6. Determining the morally acceptable act Based on the previous steps. You ultimately choose the most ethically responsible and acceptable action.

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Well, Kim, that’s quite a bit to go through when I’m in a moral dilemma.” But this cycle helps you think about all the possible outcomes so you can determine what feels best for you. As I wrote before, you need to realize that no matter what choice you make in a moral dilemma, something or someone will always be harmed. If we look at the colleague’s dilemma, we are talking about damage as in.

Bahamas WhatsApp Number List
Bahamas WhatsApp Number List

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After your report, that colleague know to management. May receive a warning or lose his job. You come to known as a ‘snitch’ by other colleagues. It may harm your reputation if it turns out that that colleague does the work he does very well or does a lot in a short time and there is not much going on. In your next moral dilemma, try going through the steps of the ethical cycle.

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