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Assessing keyword difficulty is one of the most challenging stages of the keyword research process. Many software solutions available on the market offer keyword difficulty evaluation through their internal software metrics. However, none of them have the exact formula that indicates. When and when not to optimize your content for a specific keyword. To correctly judge keyword difficulty, you need to mix semantic, marketing. And software information and be ready to use your guts during the judging process.

But let’s take a closer look at the whole process. What is keyword difficulty? First, let’s try to briefly define keyword difficulty. Often referred to as keyword competition, keyword difficulty in search engine optimization (SEO) is an assessment of how difficult it will be to rank for a Venezuela Phone Number specific keyword . Determining keyword difficulty helps you decide whether or not to produce targeted content for a specific keyword. At the same time, it should be mentioned that keyword difficulty is not necessarily a numerical metric. It’s more of a mix of mathematical and humanistic evaluation of which keywords are in our competitive range. Keyword Difficulty Software Approach There are several software tools on the market that allow you to measure keyword difficulty.

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While they can be useful during the evaluation process, it is important to stress that they are only part of the mix needed to determine how competitive a specific phrase is. Here are the most useful keyword difficulty software tools: Google Keyword Planner gives you the search volume for the keyword, along with the keyword competition . In this case, the competition is based on the quantity and quality of pay-per-click (PPC) advertising bids for the specific keywords. Since Keyword Planner is based only on PPC metrics, it is not as relevant for SEO purposes. At the same time, evaluating search volume and competition can be helpful in determining the competitiveness of a keyword.

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Ahrefs calculates keyword difficulty based on a number of referring domains pointing to each of the pages in Google’s top 10 results. Therefore, it allows you to calculate an approximate number of referring domains needed to rank for a specific keyword. At the same time, it does not take into account the strength of your website or the relevance of your page for the specific keyword. It also does not consider the relevance of linking pages. This is why Ahrefs is primarily valuable as a supplemental metric. You can read more about this here . Summary of Ahrefs For analysis purposes, we will use Ahrefs SEO Toolbar , which you can install for both FireFox and Google Chrome.

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You will need to create a free Ahrefs account to use this tool. The toolbar allows you to analyze specific search engine result pages, with additional relevant link data for each page and domain: Domain Rating (DR) URL Ranking (UR) Estimated Organic Search Traffic (ST) Number of keywords ranked (KW) Number of referring domains (RD) Number of backlinks (BL) Ahrefs Toolbar Overview SEMrush is another paid software that uses backlink data to determine keyword difficulty. It’s useful, but has similar limitations to Ahrefs. More information here . Mangools Keyword Tool estimates keyword difficulty based on metrics provided by link building tools like Moz and Majestic .

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To ensure faster page loads, certain HTML features, such as forms, are not supported in AMP. The AMP framework also requires you to use an optimized version of CSS. The second component is called AMP JS, which helps the page load quickly on mobile platforms by restricting the use of Javascript. The only exception is for AMP Script, which is optimized with page load speed in mind. The elements that AMP takes with JavaScript are offset by an extensive library of easy-to-implement components. Users can make animations, dynamically load content, modify page layout, and perform other functions using the AMP library.

The final component of AMP is the proxy-based content delivery network (CDN), also known as AMP Cache. The CDN collects content from AMP to cache it for fast delivery. The AMP CDN caches all applicable AMP content, it does not have an opt-out option by default. Knowing what Ukraine Phone Number AMP is, sites can serve AMP pages by adding the “rel=amphtml” tag to their HTML code. Web pages that consist of AMP code have a three-step AMP setup to follow. How to set up an accelerated mobile page? Now that you know what AMP is and its potential drawbacks, you have access to the full picture.

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And it will be fair to say that AMP sites still have value. So, this is how you can set one up: Make duplicate copies of each page. This will ensure that you have a non-AMP copy for each available page. After installing the plugin, you can use this copy and restore the page as designed if you are not satisfied with the user interface of the page. Make sure you already have a mobile-optimized version of your website. Once you’ve done this, you can add iterations of AMP for the same pages. This will provide all the benefits of using AMP. You may not use third-party JavaScript, build an email list, or enable interactive elements on the page such as comments. Instead, AMP supports HTML and is optimized for fast loading only.

If your website is managed on WordPress, you will need a GitHub plugin to enable AMPs. You can access here . Be sure to use a compressed version of the file to speed up the download process. Once the download is done, go to your WordPress dashboard and install the AMP plugin. To get an AMP site, add ‘/amp/’ to each page. In case you don’t have a permalink for the page, use ‘?amp=1’. Calibrate your Google search console. This will ensure that the search engine chooses your AMP iteration every time a user loads it. If you don’t do this, Google could still redirect traffic to older versions. Benefits of Accelerated Mobile Pages AMP content gets an SEO boost as these pages show up in Google’s news carousel.

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This takes precedence over the fold location in mobile search. AMP pages get more attention as more businesses sign up to advertise their content. Therefore, it must be on the AMP network. Smartphones have won against desktop and PC, becoming the main device. People use mobile phones to find a new restaurant, shop over the phone or read the news. It is important for mobile users that websites load quickly in at least three seconds. If the site loads for a long time, most mobile Internet users bounce and leave the page. AMP helps you generate income. It also provides a compelling user experience, reducing load time and providing the user with similar accurate content.

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Easy to Operate: AMP pages are relatively simpler to operate. As they have all the interactive and customization features or elements that a regular HTML5 page has. Without heavy tools, AMP pages experience lighter functionality and accelerated web load speeds. High ROI: A website can generate higher profits by employing conversion rate optimization services using AMP. Google has started to implement its first mobile index. Therefore, AMP pages have become important for SEO rankings. AMP Disadvantages While the benefits of AMP are obvious, it also has significant drawbacks.

Increased development burden – If you decide to implement AMP. Your development and maintenance teams will essentially be working with two classes of digital assets. Those that work with AMP and those that work without it. This is critical because you can’t, and shouldn’t, convert all of your Uruguay Phone Number web assets to AMP format with the click of a button, because you may not always want the most basic version of your page. Lack of Visibility in Analytics – Having an AMP website will have a material impact on your performance measurement and analytics tools. AMPs don’t make requests to servers during caching, leaving many undiscovered data points for your web assets.

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Your performance marketing and web development teams will need to go to extraordinary lengths to measure the performance of CTA buttons, landing pages, and other page elements. Not ideal for UX-rich elements – If you plan to provide a high-end user experience with real-time updated elements such as images, rich media, or maps, AMP is not the best solution for you. In essence, if your digital strategy relies heavily on the overall user experience, you shouldn’t go for AMP as it will strip the UX down to its bare bones. Lack of Flexibility – The entire AMP ideology assumes that users only want the most essential information and fast loading speeds.

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If a user doesn’t like the AMP format of the web page, he can’t do anything to change it. These anomalies can lead to damaged brand equity and lost potential conversions. Canonical page vs native AMP To avoid duplicate content issues, each AMP page should link to its non-AMP canonical version, and the canonical page should link back to the AMP page. Also read: AMP hinders SEO AMP increases click-through rate from SERPs only if users are aware of AMP’s lightning bolt symbol. Without telling searchers about the benefits and ways to get your AMP page higher in search results, it’s a mistake to expect them to know about it. AMP pages are difficult to crawl as they are not automatically crawled by tools like Google Analytics.

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You need to set up AMP pages adjacent to your primary domain in Google Analytics. One of the obstacles to an effective SEO campaign is not tracking performance. However, you can connect your AMP pages to Google Analytics. Publishers who are not aware of this process may experience a drop in traffic after implementing AMP. A recent news item about the amp-bind component has mentioned that website functionality may be displaced. This is the result of the most confined JavaScript scripts from which the page can be rendered. As a result, more limited JS scripts were used to render the page. For e-commerce web page, amp-bind can provide more complicated filtering, sorting options and user interface modification.

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An AMP page reduces custom code and offers a different user experience than the main pages of the domain. This can be difficult for users who access the site through multiple devices. In February 2018, Google removed AMP teaser pages. Particularly for websites that tried to get around the drawbacks of AMP pages by taking advantage of their increased appearance in the SERPs. Publishers gained the benefits of being featured in the news carousel by adopting AMP feed pages. This AMP sneak peek featured a portion of the article. However, the user must click on the standard HTML pages to see the rest. If Google identifies whether the AMP page contains content similar to that of the normal page.

Otherwise, it will take users to the normal page. Which means that the page will not reach the desired position of the carousel. Publishers who violate Google’s latest policy will receive a manual action warning in Google Search Console. Stopping at teaser pages could hamper SEO efforts if the publisher Vietnam Phone Number has spent time and money switching their pages to AMP but isn’t making a profit from it. The biggest SEO roadblocks caused by AMP pages are draining money and resources. For some, AMP implementations are not complex. However, when you consider CMSs that are known for their complexity, you will see a high demand on your development team to implement AMP.

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How to optimize for AMP pages? Make your page more discoverable by including information about AMP pages on non-AMP pages and vice versa. This can be done by adding rel=”amphtml” on the AMP page” Interface language “domain/folder/article.amp.html” Subfolder “domain/folder/article/amp” Supported user interface Although there may be minor variations due to AMP limitations, the user interface and web page layouts are very similar. Make sure your AMP page is fully operational by integrating customization and interactive features. These include the navigation menu, related content, social sharing icons, forms, login, and ads that work the same way as in the canonical version. To ensure that the site’s logo appears in high quality in the main story carousel, the logo must adhere to AMP guidelines.

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Conclution AMP has a number of positives, but will your website get its full weight? AMP is a cost-benefit analysis. AMP increases the speed of your web pages; therefore, the time and resources spent are better off in terms of optimizing speed. Google AMP Pages can have a huge positive impact on websites across all industries. Run AMP pages benefits with web traffic, conversion rates, overall sales, etc. Still not sure about AMP pages? One second of delay in website load time can reduce conversions by 7%. According to 2020 analysis, 80% of all mobile data traffic comes from smartphones.

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A 2016 study found that 58% of searches were done through mobile devices. This concludes that Google AMP needs to be a part of your SEO strategy, sooner rather than later. popular searches SEO Company in India | SEO Agency | SEO Company in Mumbai | Digital Marketing Services | SEO Services | Ecommerce SEO Services | SEO Audit Services | Local SEO Services | Pay Per Click Services | ASSO Services | What is SEO | What is Digital Marketing | Canonical tags | Website Navigation | Google Business Listing | Image Optimization | Importance of Digital Marketing | What is the featured snippet? Google Reverse Image Search | google history

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Give a price breakdown Clearly display the price of the service or product, or indicate how the price is calculated and where to find it. If the price requires a quote or contact with the company, explain it as directly as possible. Here is an example: How much does it cost to house my dog? We charge $30/night for dog boarding. We pride ourselves on offering affordable prices and superior care and service. Use our online booker to get a free quote for your pet’s stay. [Schedule your stay online] Simple, but informative. 7. Risk reversal with guarantee If your business has a Guarantee, this is a great way to start closing your page. If the client has doubts, a guarantee will help him to be calmer.

The fewer doubts the client has, the easier it will be to secure their business. A guarantee should look like this: our guarantee We’re so confident that you’ll love our dog boarding services that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not satisfied, simply caand we’ll get back to you to find out how we can Uganda Phone Number best meet your needs. If you don’t have a warranty, go ahead and skip this part (or consider creating one!). 8. Finish strong with a final CTA Wrap your page with a killer CTA. This is the final move to secure your client.

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Create your final title This is the last thing the customer sees. End with a powerful headline that compels the customer to do something. Be sure to format it with the <h2> tag. add it In a sentence or two, summarize your page and give them the next step to take action. Your final CTA may look like this: Schedule a tour of our world-class facilities Leaving your pet behind can be stressful, but we do everything we can to make it easier for you. Our friendly and experienced staff, on-site vet, and amazing facilities offer everything your pup needs to live in luxury while you’re away.

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Contact us today to schedule a visit to our facilities. And you are ready! Conclution Our sales page guide is one of many you’ll find online, but we can assure you that this template will drive sales and convince customers to buy your service or product. If you want help creating a great sales page for your website, you’ll love our HOTH Web Copy product. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. We love to hear from you!Accelerated Mobile Pages, or AMP, is an open source framework that aims to load publisher sites quickly on mobile devices.

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As mobile response is slow because desktop resources are plentiful and plentiful. AMP features reduce JavaScript and CSS components, content delivery network, and improve internet performance on mobile devices. Web content loads, depending on the pace of the Internet and the file size of the website. Although multiple pages will load gradually if the internet speed is fast and the volume of files is too large. That said, a technically optimized page might also load slowly if the connection is too slow. How does Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) work? AMP consists of three components that make it work. The first is AMP HTML, which is a lighter version of normal HTML.

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Attention to the highlights. Done. 4. Guide them through your process Now that the customer knows what they’re buying, you’ll want to walk them through the process. If they don’t know where to start or what to expect, they can jump to a different site. So break down the process and make it foolproof. Create a title for your process This Headline doesn’t need to be complicated. You can use “Our Process” or “How It Works” to get started. You want the customer to know exactly what this section is about. This will use the <h2> tag.

Breakdown of your process steps The worst thing you can do here is confuse or overwhelm your customer. You want them to feel like this process is going to be a piece of cake! If your process shows a lot of complicated steps, they will run the other way to find someone to make it easy. Use the <h3> tag to format the steps of your process, and then break the step into a sentence or two. Is easier  Tunisia Phone Number than it looks like. Here is an image: Step One: Contact us to get started Contact our team by phone or online form and a service technician will contact you to schedule a tour of our facilities. Step Two: Tour the Facilities We will give you a complete tour! You will see where your dog will sleep, play, eat and relax.

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You’ll even get to meet some of our staff and ask any questions you may have. Step Three: Book Your Appointment When you’re ready to book your pet’s stay, we’ll give you an intake form to fill out about your dog’s age, gender, breed, medical conditions, medications, and dietary restrictions. This information will go directly to our veterinarian so that he knows exactly what your dog needs during his stay. Once complete, you can book with us in person or through our online booker. Step four: leave your dog with confidence On the day of, you will bring your dog to our facility, along with his favorite treats, toys, bed, and stuffed animal friends. If you accidentally forgot to bring something, we can provide it for you! You can leave with the confidence that your pet is in good hands. It sounds easy right? Now the client feels good to start.

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5. Give buyer confidence with social proof The customer will be looking for proof that they can trust YOU, so now is your chance to convince them with some testimonials. If you have any positive feedback from previous customers, please show it off. If you don’t, you can include a snippet about your business that will help establish trust. You want them to think, “If other people like it, I probably will too!” Start with a title that builds trust Yes, I might say “Customer Testimonials” but where’s the fun in that? Your headline has just as much potential to build trust as the actual proof.

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Go one step further with “We are your best option for your pet”. And then add that <h2> tag. brag a little Now you can share your testimonials. If you have a lot, kudos to you, try narrowing them down to your top two or three. A good rule of thumb is to choose testimonials that highlight the benefits or features you talked about earlier on the page. Remember to get the point across quickly and efficiently. Too much text and the client will stop reading. 6. Clearly address prices If the customer has gotten this far on your sales page, they will be wondering about the cost. If you don’t address the price up front, or sneak past it because you’re worried about scaring the customer off, you could lose them.

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When you have to leave your pet with someone else, you want it to be with people you can trust. Here at The Pampered Pet, our staff is full of dedicated professionals who love what they do and treat your pet like family. If you need a St. Pete area dog daycare or boarding facility you can trust, give us a call today! Address the problem. recognize the solution. Offer the service to help. Finish strong with a CTA Don’t know what a CTA is? Pay attention, because you’re going to need this. A CTA is a call to action. It makes the client do something.

Do you want your client to call you? To fill out an online form? To book an appointment? Give them the tool to do it! If a customer has to spend more than a couple of Taiwan Phone Number seconds scanning your website to find the right link, they risk losing you to a competitor. People want quick access to what they need. So make your life as easy as possible to keep them on the page. End your overview with a call to action like thisen link your CTA accordingly. 3.

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Let them know why your product or service is the best Chances are, you have many competitors, and your client will undoubtedly weigh their options. Why should they choose your service/product over X amount of options out there? You must highlight the reasons why your service is THE BEST. How do you do that? Highlighting the benefits or features of your service. Add a compelling feature or benefit title Don’t get lazy here. This is your selling point. If the customer sees a section that just says “Benefits,” they’re likely to keep scrolling. Be specific and make it POP! Try something like: “Fast and Reliable Service” “Data Driven Strategy” The customer should read the headline and instantly want to know more.

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Don’t forget to format your title with an <h2> tag. Highlight the feature or benefit with a quick description One of the biggest mistakes you can make here is talking over and over about why your product or service is so great. Nobody is going to read a huge wall of text. It’s an eye sore. And as mentioned above, no one wants to waste time. Your description should go straight to the point of why you are their best option. Keep your sentences short and to the point and add bullet points when you can. This should be as easy to read as possible. Here is an example: Trusted Animal Professionals Our team of dedicated experts have years of experience working with dogs of all breeds, sizes, and special needs.

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We vet everyone here to make sure they love animals and have a zero tolerance policy for animal abuse. We have a licensed veterinarian on staff, so if something happens to your pet, it will be in professional hands. luxury facilities We also offer top-notch facilities for your pet while you’re away. Our facilities include: Dog play area with climbing areas, fire hydrants and dog obstacle courses Exclusive dog spa area where your pet will get a bath and dry off before being picked up A medical center with a veterinarian on staff Two acres of land where we will walk your dogs 3 times a day A private sleeping area for each dog during down times Your dog may not want to come home! See what I mean? Fast. Easy to read.


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Triple check your work before uploading it. It’s easier if you load it right the first time! 5. Create local business listings for each location. Getting listed in local directories for each location is an important part of getting maximum visibility with SEO. You’ll want to make sure you’re listed on all the popular sites for your niche and that your information is accurate. The combination of your name, address, and phone number is called a NAP or NAP citation. When Google sees the presence of your NAP combination on multiple websites, it’s a positive sign for SEO.

On the other hand, Google often pulls inaccurate or outdated NAPs from aggregator sites, resulting in what they see as a discrepancy between information about your business South Africa Phone Number and what’s on your website. It’s best to keep Google happy by managing your citations. Citation inconsistencies are the number one issue affecting local SEO. Our Ultimate Guide to Local SEO has a detailed section on creating NAP citations that you’ll want to check out for a full tutorial. 6.

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Get reviews for every location Did you know that 85% of consumers trust online reviews as much as a recommendation from a friend or acquaintance. And 49% of consumers look for at least a four-star rating before choosing a business? Reviews are now highlighted in many search results, especially in search results that trigger map pack listings. review stars in search results We wrote a great post on how to get more reviews here. Also, if you want help with this, you might be interested in our HOTH Stars review management software. Conclution By following this strategy for multi-location SEO, you will be able to rank for more terms and get more customers! Creating unique content for each location and service page can be time consuming, but it’s worth it if you really want to invest in your SEO.

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If you want to speed up the process, check out our done-for-you copywriting service, HOTH Web Copy. We offer digital marketing solutions for different industries. Read about how we’ve helped law firms, dental offices, contractors, and more. Do you have any questions about how to do local SEO for multiple locations? Do you have a story or strategy to share? Let us know in the comments below! Want to increase your sales and rankings at the same time? If so, you should consider giving the sales pages of your website a tweak. Maybe you don’t have a sales page on your website.

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Or maybe your sales page needs some work. An incomplete or non-existent sales page will hurt your sales. Period. Websites that don’t write strong sales pages for their products or services leave customers confused, wanting more, or not knowing what to do next. I’ll give you the full breakdown of how to create an amazing sales page that’s designed to convert customers, drive sales, and improve your website’s user experience. It’s a win-win-WIN. Let’s do it! What is a sales page (and why should you have one)? A sales page is an individual page on your website for each product or service your business offers. The purpose of this page is to connect with a potential customer, address everything they would like to know about the product or service you offer, remove any doubts they may have, and guide them towards a sale.

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The easy way to fix this is to simply create pages for each location you serve. Create a logical URL structure By creating a logical site structure with your URLs. Your site will be highly organized, easy for users to navigate, and easy for search engines to understand. Plus, you can maximize your chances of ranking! An example of a way to do this for a business with many locations in multiple states might. Your a list of all locations rida/ for a list of all locations in a particular state florida/tampa/ for a list of locations in a city yns/florida/tampa/location-name1/ for store #1 yampa/location-name2/ for store #2 in the same city Be sure to make the URL geo-specific whenever it makes sense.

If store #1 is located in a mall called Grand Plaza Mall, or at the intersection of 5th St. ands/florida/tampa/Grand-Plaza-Mall Alternatively, you can make it a page for the service you ofations/state/city/widget-repair However you decide to structure your URLs, keep your organization tidy by Slovenia Phone Number sticking to a system that makes sense. You want to make sure that Google and other search engines can index your individual pages. 2. Optimize each location page for SEO Once you have created the pages, you need to optimize them so that Google understands what each page is about.

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You’ll first want to include your keywords in the title tag and meta description. This is the code snippet on each page that suggests what Google should display in search results. title tags Tip: If you use WordPress for your website, you can use a simple plugin like Yoast to modify your title tags. In the example above, you can see that the title tag includes both the description of the service and the location. The meta description also includes the location and service and invites the user to click on the result. 3. Optimize content for each location Once you’ve created the pages and optimized the title tags and descriptions, you’ll want to add localized content to the page. Many location pages make a big mistake by not adding much content, so make sure you add everything a user would want to know.

What content should you add to these pages? Here are some ideas to consider: Service Descriptions – Describe the services you offer. If you offer a variety of different services, consider creating a new page for each one. Common Questions – Add frequently asked questions and answers about your services. Photos: Add photos of the location or of your work in the area. . Reviews – Reviews are crucial to capturing customers with a strong intent to make a purchase. Searches for “[your brand] [city] reviews” are sure to come up. These people are seriously considering your business, they just want to hear what other customers have to say about it. Directions – Add directions to your business from each cardinal direction (starting with the highway exit).

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Embed a map with your location pinned as well. If you’d like help developing your content, be sure to check out our copywriting product, HOTH Web Copy. 4. Create a Google My Business profile for each location Google My Business is Google’s service to help control how your business appears on Google and Maps. By claiming and optimizing your profiles for each location, you can take control of your presence! We’ve put together a great guide on everything you need to know about Google My Business here. The good thing is that if you have multiple locations, it’s easy to keep everything organized. You can use the same account to manage all locations. If you have more than a few locations, you can even use the bulk upload spreadsheet and import them into GMB simultaneously using the import tool.

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So, yeah, these are the basic highlights that I would like users to ponder upon. [37:00] Kaushal : Great! So thanks, Pinaki. It has been a great experience having a conversation with you. And thank you for being a part of the Growth Genius Podcast. [37:10] Pinaki : My pleasure Kaushal and thank you again for inviting me for this podcast. [37:14] Kaushal : Thanks. [37:17] Kaushal : Thank you so much for listening to this episode of “The Growth Genius.” I hope you learned something today. If you did, please share this episode with your friends and family. Also, if you haven’t yet, please subscribe to the Growth Genius Show wherever you are listening to this podcast.

And if you enjoyed the show, consider giving us a five-star rating. It helps other people like you discover the show. Thank you so much for listening. Now go out there and create growth for yourself and your company. Thanks!Do you want to know how to do SEO for a company with multiple locations? This post has you covered! With just a little time and effort, you can start capitalizing on customers Senegal Phone Number in your area who are ready to buy right now. Did you know that a whopping 46% of all Google searches are local? Yes, you read it right. Nearly half of ALL Google searches revolve around local businesses. In other words, if you don’t already have local SEO set up for your business’s multiple locations, you’re missing out on massive traffic and sales.

And I Say Four to Five Months Because

But… what if I told you that with a few simple changes to your website, you could easily and organically drive more targeted traffic to your store? Wouldn’t it be nice if your local store was the one to show up for that person who’s ready to buy? Whether it’s a client’s business or yours, this step-by-step guide will show you how to master local search for a multi-location business. Let us begin! What is multi-location SEO? If you have multiple locations or serve multiple areas, you can set up your website in a certain way to maximize search traffic and user experience.

You’ll want to follow this strategy if any of the following apply: You have multiple physical stores or locations You serve multiple areas (even if you don’t have a physical store) You are a directory that aggregates local businesses Whether you have 2 locations or 2,000, presenting the right information to Google and other search engines is critical. Doing so allows search engines to distinguish between the different locations and present the correct one to people searching for it. Are you ready to learn how to do SEO for a multi-location business? Let’s get into it! 1. Create pages for each location One of the biggest problems we see is simply not creating separate pages for each location.

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Often websites will try to rank their home page for multiple locations or put all locations on one page. These are not optimal because every page of your website should be about 1 thing. And when you build dedicated pages, you have a much better chance of ranking! You might be thinking, “Isn’t this really necessary? I’m probably going to have a lot of pages saying pretty much the same thing!” The answer is a resounding yes. You need location specific pages. Do a Google search for the term you want to rank for and you’re almost guaranteed to see placement-specific page rankings. In the example above, you can see that each of these pages that are classified are specifically about auto repair in 1 location.

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You have a team, you put together a solid plan, you figure out the low-hanging fruit, you start with it, you understand your collaboration with the team, you make sure the team trusts you, you make sure the team believes in you . Only then can you expect real growth. If the team doesn’t trust you, the team doesn’t have a good vibe with you as a leader, it will impart negative growth to the BU, yes. [32:58] Kaushal : Okay, perfect! Pinaki, if you could time travel from this particular minute to the beginning of your corporate journey, what suggestion would you give yourself at the beginning of your career? [33:10] Pinaki : I would say I started my career as a developer, as an engineer, as a software engineer I would say.

And I think I would focus on doing more partnership and collaboration with the other teams, and that’s something that I didn’t or couldn’t do at the beginning of my career. But I feel like that typically comes with a very early stage of your career. So I don’t know, but yeah, I’d say I could have Romania Phone Number learned it quicker on how to see the big picture, how my work impacts the business, how I can be more transparent with my stakeholders and my bosses as well. So that’s what I would have backed off and rectified a little bit. [33:53] Kaushal : Great, that’s good. Pinaki, we know that to grow like this, you have to keep up with a lot of knowledge.

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I would like the audience to go and read about the website calledIt has a beautiful initial. I would say education about SEO, what the industry is all about, followed by searchenginela which is Search Engine Land dot com, which has all the latest news updates in the industry. And I follow Barry Schwartz, who is the editor of Search Engine Land who keeps on sharing the latest updates with the users, follow him on Twitter. Follow John Mueller, who is the Google spokesperson from the search ecosystem. And if you have any questions you can ask him he definitely replies within a very short period of time for any questions that you raise to him.

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So these are the ones that I would suggest users to focus on. [35:23] Kaushal : And Pinaki, how can the audience stay connected with you? [35:27] Pinaki : Okay, the audience can definitely connect with me on LinkedIn. I’m very, very much active on LinkedIn, followed by just drop me an email or just DM me on LinkedIn. That’s the most easiest way for the audience to connect with me. [35:44] Kaushal : Perfect. And how do they email you? They would not have your email id connect on LinkedIn and then they get the email id. [35:50] Pinaki : I’m sure they do. However, they can even write to me on Pinaki my name my first name 1001

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So, that’s the easiest way to connect with me on email as well. [36:03] Kaushal : Perfect! Any parting words for our audience that you would like to share? [36:09] Pinaki : I would like to thank you Kaushal for inviting me for this podcast. And I would like to take this opportunity for our users to ensure you do get yourself abreast with the latest trends, find more challenges, the more you do stuff yourself, you will find challenges, and that’s where you learn and grow. So, I would again, reinstate the fact that you get in that experimental mode, exhibit a lot of patience, specifically in the SEO industry, patience is the virtue. As a part of the SEO industry, you cannot see instantaneous results. It is a constant effort to ensure we are on the right track,

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So, that’s when I started to focus on the big picture. I look at the bigger picture of how they impact my channels or those of my team…impacting the business unit, impacting the overall business, the platform, the brand, etc., etc. And that’s helped me build stories around growth. Create impactful stories within the organization, create impactful stories, impactful case studies. That you can share with people in your industry. Share like you know multiple events for other people to can learn from them. Don’t keep it just for yourself. So that’s been a good mantra for me to be focused on growth.

Thank you! And Pinaki, he’s worked at multiple brands, and especially two big brands. Which I would like him to share if he worked at Myntra and now he’s working at Schneider Electric. So how would your work profile change? Is it the same or is it a completely different experience? How does the work profile change in B2C vs B2B? [29:43] Pinaki : Each company has its own, I would say, strengths and weaknesses, and there are always new things to learn. In fact, the reason I moved from Myntra Qatar Phone Number to Schneider is that for my last 10 or 11 odd years, I had been completely confined to a B2C industry. Now, I also wanted to test the waters of what the digital ecosystem looks like at B2B Industries and Schneider, I’m lucky to have that opportunity at Schneider.

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And that’s where the focus shifts. And that’s where your priorities change. At Myntra, SEO was part of the digital marketing activities. At Schneider, it is one of the most important channels for our digital marketing activities, I would say. And, in fact, most people are aligned with SEO as the main channel. So the focus changes, the ideologies change. And yes, one of the things that I’ve learned is that each company has its own set of processes, it has its own set of challenges.

You need to adapt and you need to change the foundation of the company and change accordingly. Because change is the only unavoidable part and you need to change gracefully and understand how companies work, how systems work. And then, in the first month or two, you would realize what the things are, what the pain points are, what the power points are that you have, that can suit that particular company. And then you play with it. So yeah, that would be my suggestion. [31:18] Kaushal : Thanks for sharing that insight on the B2B and B2C difference. Since you already indicated that the team structure would also be the same in terms of SEO for a B2B and a B2C. [31:33] Pinaki : It may be, again, there is no straight answer, Kaushal.

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But I think it all depends on whether you… whether the company or the stakeholders decide to line up to have everything in-house or whether you want to outsource most of your work to an agency. So, that’s where alignment comes in. If we say it’s a mix of both, I think most team sizes are almost similar. However, in our case, things are a little different because we are spread across 100 odd countries and we have an SEO professional in each of these countries that we, as a global team, drive to get results. So, it’s completely different. It may be different for other countries that are specific to certain regions or just limited to India or limited to the US But yes, the general methodology is still the same.