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Even if the content is in the form of articles, videos, photos or infographics, all of them can communicate how brands want to communicate to their target audience, whether it is the form of sentences used to communicate, pronouns used instead.2nd or 3rd person, writing techniques, etc. Original Content: Presenting content stories close to you such as Real life story, Case Studies, Interview, etc., which are all content that can be easily tangible. Communicate sincerely to the target audience. Go Beyond Algorithm: Use content that communicates beyond what the algorithm can by taking into account approaches. As mentioned above, sure enough. Content example 2. Keep Track Audience Shifted Need Keep up with changing consumer needs.

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It cannot be denied that the entry of Pendamic has changed the lifestyle of people living differently from the original. Especially the work style that requires more work from home. Most people therefore spend more time at home. This in itself affects the changing needs of consumers. Making content in the original format may not be able to deliver the same Jiangxi Phone Number results anymore in Content Marleting, therefore, the format must be adjusted accordingly as follows: Up to Date Content : Keep checking content to ensure it is updated in line with new changes. that happens all the time Otherwise, those contents may no longer benefit the target audience. Voice Search & Conversational Tone : on the Internet with words. or voice command The search engine then uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) to process those keywords to display search results. It is another factor that brands should pay attention to in order to respond to the Customer.

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Create Valuable Story that match Customer Need Create content that understands consumer needs. The presentation of the same product can be presented in different ways. It depends on the purpose that you want to communicate to any target group. that’s because List Provider Customers who are looking for the same product but have different limitations and concerns. understanding the customer in order to present with Storytelling that meets the target audience. The guidelines for making Content Marketing meet the needs of consumers.

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