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After all readers have understood the importance of Product Description, let’s look at the principles of writing with FAB Techniques. FAB stands for Feature Advantage Benefit. It is a 3-step writing principle that consists of Product features (Feature). Product advantages (Advantage) and benefits of. The product (Benefit) for the ability to offer products to conversion or sales, sure enough. With the main heart being to present products with an emphasis on what. From buying our products. The process of writing a product description with FAB Techniques. There are 3 steps to writing guidelines that can help marketers showcase their products more powerfully. Features (Features) collect properties or characteristics. Of all products to show which side.

The Audience Will Receive

The product we want to present or what the product can do, for example product composition Product material form or details of products that can create advantages over competitors for example Plastic box made from PP material (Food Grade) Sofa fabric made from natural fibers, linen. 2.Advantages (advantages) Choose 3 features that are the List of Phone Numbers in Gansu advantages of the product. or regarded as the highlight of the product that makes the product stand out from the competitors To present the other side of the Product Feature that has been expanded for easy understanding and visualization. for example Strong plastic box More durable than general plastic The sofa fabric is strong.

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A Long Time In Addition

Good abrasion resistance It is soft and cooling. 3.Benefits (benefits) Consider 1-2 Advantages from the previous point. to offer benefits that users will receive from using the product That can show what the product means to users. for example P food during List Provider transportation to be able to be delivered to customers appetizingly. Maintain food quality and non-toxic to human body. Upholstery fabric that is easy to look at and maintain. Makes the product look like new even after being used for, the soft touch makes users feel relaxed every time they use it.

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