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Apple rejects those apps that encourage you to see advertising

Apple, the great technological Apple, is aware of the large number of applications created with the intention of promoting the reproduction of online video ads over other apps, or improving their evaluation, based on social recommendations.

For this reason, it has renewed the Saudi-Arabia Mobile Database mobile application approval policy in its App Store. An initiative with which it intends to exclude this type of application.

This was made known at the recent celebration of its annual developer conference. From now on, developers who have applications of this type will find a warning message, which will inform them that it has been detected that said app encourages users to play videos in order to promote other apps. A practice that alters the ranking of the App Store. Saudi-Arabia Mobile Database

This revision of the mobile application acceptance policy by Apple has a precedent, carried out based on the modification of one of its clauses (2.25), at the beginning of the year.

As a result, in April AppGratis was removed from the Apple Store, due to the use of these practices that seek to manipulate the classification of these applications. A classification that Apple is determined to establish based on the quality of the appls and their relevance to users.

The fight against the manipulation of this Brother Cell Phone List ranking has only just begun. Unfortunately, it is a more than common practice, on which the success of the apps depends; even in the case of large organizations. Therefore, Apple has a long battle against manipulation within its own borders.

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