The consumption of online videos from connected devices in homes is skyrocketing

It is increasingly common to watch online video through mobile devices. According to data collected by the CEA (Consumer Electronics Association), the Senegal Mobile Database demand for this type of content via mobile has increased by at least 9% since the previous year.

The study shows that, last year, at least 43% of users consumed online video through their smartphone; a percentage that the previous year stood at 33%. For their part, 35% resorted to tablets; while in the previous period the figure stood at 26%. Senegal Mobile Database

Likewise, there has also been an increase in the demand for television content through the internet. In 2013, 45% of households consumed this type of content online, which is 28% more than the previous year.

As the CEA report shows, in the United States, the percentage of users who only watch television programming that they receive through the traditional antenna (6%) is about to equate to that of viewers who exclusively consume audiovisual content online.

On the other hand, it is important to take into account the relevance of connected television. According to IAB and Gfk data, about half of the users who consume online video (48%) use connected television for this purpose in the United States. A rate that has almost doubled compared to the previous year.

This data reaffirms the subsequent conclusions provided by Leichtman Research Group (LRG), according to which a third of adults already use connected devices daily to consume audiovisual content online; which includes connected television.

The IAB data presented in April showed the Brother Cell Phone List profile of the user of this type of television, indicating that it is mainly young men, with higher education. This user accesses this device to consume audiovisual content, mainly from their living room, and during prime time (92%) or at noon (55%). 58% do it alone, or in the company of their partner, while 44% carry out this activity as a family.

Regarding the type of content they prefer, 78% opted for series, cinema or news. On the other hand, 69% choose national series and sports (60%).

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