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The forced social distancing as a result of the ravages generated by the current pandemic, provided a new opening for digital creatives to become one of the most active sources of knowledge, since it is within this that users make known everything that is relevant, curious or even necessary, with the intention of informing, recommending and warning consumers who are active within social networks, whether in search of a position within digital platforms or just as the recommendation of a consumer to a consumer base that is waiting for what may happen, such is the case of a tiktokerwho took it upon himself to collect Costco secrets so shoppers can save money.

The platform and social network TikTok exceeded the figure of one billion users , this according to data provided by Statista , which has placed it in the top 10 of the most used social networks by Internet users, this refers to the importance to search for content that manages to connect with the community, to achieve a position in the user’s taste, therefore content creators often replicate successful formulas with the intention of generating viral content, being to provide recommendations, reviews, comments about user experiences and purchase hacks to save money.

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Tiktoker reveals the secrets of Costco A user of the digital platform and social network TikTok took on the task of collecting various hacks, with the intention of revealing the secrets of Costco, so that the community of consumers, active within the social network, can save some money by improving the economy. families generally. Within the recommendations that are observed in the short video, the tiktoker points out that the products labeled with a 97 are those that the store has at a discount and, therefore, its sale is urgent, it also indicates that if within the poster where the price is announced, an asterisk is found, that product is discontinued and consequently it will no longer be sold in stores, likewise the user of the social network TikTok , points out that the products whose price ends in 67 or 79 are those new items in the store.


It is worth mentioning that the veracity of the discounts is unknow, as well as their availability within the stores, however, different stores and brands generate discounts and keep secrets within their mode of sale, which have begun to be widely disseminat. by influencer, content creators and even workers of the same stores. It is estimated that UBER is used by approximately 8 million users, generating a workforce of 200,000 drivers and delivery partners in Mexico. The user revealed the driving partner’s hobby from her personal profile within the TikTok social network.

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Uber generates a workforce in Mexico of approximately 200,000 drivers. And delivery partners in at least 70 different cities in the national territory. The UBER transportation and food service platform has a user base of more than 8 million, within the national territory. Private transport service platforms such as Uber. DiDi or Beat have positioned themselves in society. As one of the most used transport options, since they allow having a reliable option at any time. In addition to the benefit of having different methods of transportation. payment, likewise the arrival of these apps. Benefit to a wide sector of the population allowing to generate a new base of work.

In which it is usual to interact with multiple people, of different nationalities. Languages ​​and extracts of the population, as it has given to grant a user who. From her personal TikTok profile, viralized the hobby of one of these consulting partners with foreigners. It is estimate that the UBER food transportation and delivery platform is use by approximately just over 8 million users. While it generates a workforce of 200 thousand drivers and delivery partners. This in more than 70 cities of the national territory. This is in accordance with data provided by the official page of the app .

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