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Uber driver hobby with foreigners Within the digital platform and social network TikTok , a short video has begun to go viral in which a passenger discloses the hobby of an Uber driver, within the video it is pointed out that when he realized that he would use it, it was not of Mexican nationality, the driver handed her a notebook and asked her to leave a memory as a greeting, the passenger placed her message along with some others that were written in different languages ​​inside the notebook.

Are you looking for a job too? digital conversation Within the digital conversation generated in the comments following the publication, Internet users have pointed out the importance of enjoying jobs and taking advantage of the opportunities that jobs come to offer, such as interacting with hundreds of people of different nationalities, such as the tiktoker demonstrates it. Unique experiences The video demonstrates not only one of the benefits that can come from dealing with different people every day , but also demonstrates how effective it is to carry out small actions that are out of the ordinary, which in a certain way generate an organic rapprochement between users and brands.

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In addition to a feeling of empathy that is Afghanistan Phone Number with happiness, creating stronger and more lasting bonds. Similarly, offering unique experiences, such as thematic, personalized interactions, turns out to be one of the most effective strategies to generate a good relationship with users, such is the example of a driving partner who went viral for adapting a video game emulatorfor users to have fun during their journey. Data marketing is an essential element to have a clear vision of our strategies. CMOs must be up to date with the latest advances in technology to create effective digital strategies. The digital consumer is becoming increasingly complex, but we can use data analytics to understand their needs.

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More than half of CMOs do not have the necessary knowledge to carry out effective data marketing. Data marketing goes beyond recording data , but rather allows it to be analyzed in favor of brands Data marketing is used to design strategies that focus on data analysis, where CMO’s must position their sights. The evolution of technologies has considerably modified the consumption habits of the population around the world, where the internet has played a vitally important element in the business world. According to the Digital 2022 study carry out jointly by We Are Social and Hoosuite, as of January there were already 4,950 million users connect to the Internet worldwide.

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Representing 62.5 percent of the world population. Who remain browsing an average time of almost 7 hours on all types of devices, a fact that. Brands use to their advantage to increase the number of their sales and positioning. Each of these users leaves behind a long history of clicks, permanence. Decisions and behavior that is record in the virtual world. Data that by brands to effectively segment their respective target. Audiences and this way to carry out your digital marketing and advertising strategies directly into the hands of potential prospects. Are you looking for a job too? Likewise, the high influx of users on the web allows different professionals to work in this technological world. Such as those specialized in e-commerce.

Web analytics, SEO and SEM specialists, UX-UI designers, specialists in SEO. SEM and even those who develop in cybersecurity. Who together can find an area of ​​opportunity to lead a company to success. Thanks to an effective use of web data. An example of how this is reflect in the business world. Is the increase in electronic commerce during the pandemic, since, according to Statista data. During 2021 online sales in Mexico registered revenues of up to 17.3 thousand million dollars. That is, a growth of 11 percent, a fact that would not have been. Possible without the knowledge and effective use of user data on the web.

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