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Advantages and Disadvantages of SEM

Digital marketing has many points, but without a doubt SEO and SEM are the fundamental pillars of any online positioning strategy. In this article I will talk about the advantages and disadvantages of SEM , as well as the reasons for including this strategy in your projects
What is the SEM? SEM comes from the Hong-Kong Mobile Database acronym in English (Search Engine Marketing) and at first it referred to any action , paid or not, carried out within internet search engines . That is, initially SEO and SEM were in the same pack. Over time this changed, and currently SEM only refers to payment actions within search engines.

To carry out these strategies, the use of will be necessary tools and platforms to enhance our visibility. These tools are offered by the search engines themselves, the most famous being Google Ads and Bing Ads .

Now that you know what we are talking about, it is time to tell you the advantages and disadvantages of SEM.
Advantages of SEM Hong-Kong Mobile Database

There are many advantages of SEM. Next, I will list the ones that from my point of view are the most interesting:

Visibility: when an investment is made in advertising, our website will be placed among the top positions in the ranking, if the campaign is done well. If we appear on the first page, we will be seen by more users than we do on others. In addition, the ads are more attractive than the organic results, so we will be seen more.
Increase in traffic: it is simple, with greater visibility, more users will click on us, and our traffic will increase. In this way we will achieve a high volume of traffic in the short term.
Segmentación: a la hora de realizar campañas podemos dividir a nuestro público como nos interese. Ya sea por edad, sexo, ubicación, y hasta por intereses. De esta manera apuntaremos solo al público que nosotros consideramos de calidad.
Monitoring: the tools offer us a large amount of data, and in this case we can even get to know what was the keyword that motivated that click. On the other hand, thanks to analytics we will be able to perfectly know the behavior of these users.
Cost control: the great advantage over digital advertising. We will only pay when people click on our ad, which guarantees an optimization of the fixed budget.
Customer acquisition: the summary of all the advantages of SEM. The biggest advantage of SEM is that we will increase the number of leads and customers on our website.

Disadvantages of SEM

Everything in this life has lights and shadows, and the SEM was not going to be less. Here are the few disadvantages of SEM:

Short-term strategy : in this case I mean that as soon as the investment in advertising is reduced, the results will be affected . If you cut your budget in half, chances are that both your visits and conversions will be reduced by that same percentage.
Economic spending : we will only achieve results when we invest money in an optimal way than the competition. If you are in a very competitive sector and you don’t have a lot of budget, chances are you are just throwing money away.
Success contingent on investment : related to the first point. In this case you have to look at SEO. If we reduce the investment in SEO to 0 it will take a while to lose the positioning, and it is likely that we will maintain it if a great job has been done. In the case of SEM, this is not the case, if you stop investing, you will stop getting results .

What tools can help me?

When we talk about SEM there are two main tools. The operation and the design is practically identical in both, but they have a different behavior.

Google Ads : the king of internet campaigns. The reason is simple, more than 90% of searches in Spain are carried out on Google , which is why its ad platform is the most demanded. The great advantage of SEM in this case is the high volume of traffic and conversions that can be achieved. Being the high cost of the click the great disadvantage of this tool.
Bing Ads: la plataforma de anuncios de Microsoft. El diseño y las funcionalidades son prácticamente idénticos, pudiendo incluso exportar campañas procedentes de Google Ads. La gran ventaja de esta plataforma es sus CPC, siendo muy inferior al de Google, mientras que la desventaja del SEM que tendrás en este caso es el bajo volumen de búsqueda.

Do I have to do SEM?

The answer is simple, YES, the SEM will be Brother Cell Phone List necessary at all times . If you are starting with a project it is impossible that your organic positioning has taken effect, so if you want to prosper you will have to invest. On the other hand, if your project is already established, you will have to compete against those who advertise at your expense.

There are many advantages and disadvantages of SEM, the key to your success will lie in how good you are at maximizing those advantages of SEM and minimizing the effect of the disadvantages.

I trust that my article on the advantages and disadvantages of SEM has enabled you to start investing in digital advertising

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