5 spots that caused a sensation on YouTube

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5 spots that caused a sensation on YouTube

We present the five advertising spots that caused a sensation during the month of June on YouTube. It is no secret to anyone that YouTube has Turkey Mobile Number Database become an important information distribution channel that complements the scope that media traditional – such as television for example – offers to audiovisual materials generated by brands.

However, being seen and highlighted in this social network is a task that is becoming increasingly difficult. And it is that despite the fact that, according to data shared by the company SAXUM , a day users consume about 200 million hours of information through this portal, it is also true that on average about 140 thousand hours are shared daily. of content. Given this, the creativity, originality and freshness of the shared spots are vital qualities to succeed in said social network.

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In this regard, there are some that have managed to combine everything necessary to be leaders in the famous online video website, with which their spots have been recognized by the YouTube team itself from its Ad Leaderboard service as the Phone Number List most relevant during the last month . This is how we present the five advertising spots that caused a sensation in June on YouTube:

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