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Have you thought about using a guide when texting on the street?

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Have you thought about using a guide when texting on the street?

Performance carried out in New York became a viral video and a topic for the debate on the proper use of new technologies. Thousands- or perhaps millions- are the people who text daily in the world. They do it in the street, in the elevators, in the Turkey Phone Number List subway and even some in the car. The problem is not the event itself, but how dangerous it can be to disconnect from what is happening around you. To demonstrate how strange the phenomenon is, the New York Department of Transportation put on a performance that caught the world’s attention.

It is a performance carried out by a lot of volunteers in which half became and the other in guides texters who hooked themselves with the rope to walk and cross the streets. The reactions were great. The more open-minded people found the initiative splendid. Others drew their own conclusions, stating that was probably prohibited texting , “as it is in several states, because of accidents” as one young German put it. A group of policemen reacted badly because they say they are the last to know what is happening. In short, the attitude of the improvised public is as diverse as the inhabitants of the city. However, despite the laughter, when offered the free service, many take it.

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Actually, as we said above, it was just a performance, but it meant a kind of awareness – funny, by the way – about the importance of using new technologies properly. That is, what is a very useful tool, both for personal communication and for digital marketing , should not become a danger. The experience was so curious that more than 1 million two hundred people have seen the video called ” Seeing Eye People”, because of the poster carried by the guide guides and that differs from the usual “Blind People” of the blind.

Like everything in life, technological advances Phone Number List have two faces: a useful one and the b-side that, unfortunately, is always discovered by someone who later makes the idea viral. Perhaps, soon it will be necessary to hire real guides, at least to cross the streets.

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